Babe with the biggest breasts needs a dick treatment from her shy friend Jordi

A nice innocent guy Jordi comes over to his friend’s house to help her pick out what to wear to the party that night. He has always had a crush on her but didn’t know how to approach her. So now, when she started showing him all her short sexy outfits, he got really turned on and his dick got hard. The girl had the biggest and the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. She must have seen his erection so she started showing him things that barely cover her huge boobs. Still, he didn’t make a move, so she had to. The busty babe in a sexy, tight cheerleader uniform pushed him on the bed and took off his pants. Turns out that shy little Jordi isn’t little at all. She really knew what she was doing – she sucked and licked that huge young dick like a pro. Her long red hair was falling over her tits and her pretty face as she made his cock wet. When she got horny, she jumped on top of him and slammed herself hard down onto him. His young cock felt amazing in her cunt. She began riding him in reverse cowgirl, working her pelvis and playing with her big tits. She couldn’t believe how hard and thick Jordi’s cock was. She was playing with her nipples and rubbing her clit as he was pounding her. Then he flipped her over and switched to doggy style. This way he could squeeze her big soft butt and pound into her balls deep from behind. After that, he turned the busty babe over because he saw she was close to cumming. Her eyes were almost shut and she was moaning and screaming with pleasure. He grabbed her boobs with both hands, pounding into her non stop. And after a few minutes of hard pounding, she did cum gloriously. Then it was time for him. He bent her over the bed, lifted one of her legs, and went for it hard as her tits juggled under them. Jordi’s fantasy of fucking those jugs finally came true, and he came on her face and all over her tits.






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