Sex toy review – The Amour by Je Joue

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For anyone looking to dip their toe into the world of sex toys, a bullet vibrator really is a perfect little starter. Designed primarily for clitoral stimulation, they are also one of the largest collectives of sex toys focused on delivering female pleasure due to the clitoris, believed to house more nerve endings than a penis and whose sole purpose is purely to offer pleasure. Their specific targeted focus on clitoral stimulation really does set the gold standard for helping you reach that heavenly O.

When it comes to shopping for bullet vibrators, the luxury independent toy brand Je Joue is a brand that is constantly on everyone’s list, and for good reason. Their highly thought-of collection of small quality vibe bullets is carefully designed and styled for a range of sensual, intimate offerings. 

What’s special about the Amour?

One of their bullets, in particular, really caught our eye – the Amour. My first thoughts were that the design was so very different from many typical little vibes, with an unusual feminine curved heart shape tip that is almost petal-like in design. Made of the most gorgeously tactile and soft silicone, the curved tip is so flexible and feathery you can’t help but continually brush and caress it across your skin, the thin silicone curling and flicking in response. Made of 100% body-safe medical grade silicone, which is vegan friendly, It feels silky soft to the touch and is claimed to be fully waterproof, too, with a one-year guarantee.

As ever with Je Joue, the brand’s packaging speaks of quality and functionality, housing the Amour safely in its windowed drawer box with all the details you need on the reverse. You can currently choose between two colours, Emerald Green and Pale Rosette, a soft pale pink. Once out of the box, the first thing that struck me was how sensually pleasurable it is to hold and stroke with its seamless design. Instantly feeling comfortable in my hand, it doesn’t fall into the small bullet category, like many that tend to be no more the size of a lipstick, but at a length of 13.75 cm, it sits perfectly in your palm while still discreet enough to pop away in a small bag. 

Programme features

Looking at the finer details, the bullet’s base houses an enclosed USB charging point, while the three control buttons are raised in profile along the lower edge. Thankfully they appear just large enough to allow for easy management of the controls without reaching for the glasses. It comes complete with a standard USB cable, which, once plugged in, will show a soft red light as it sets about charging up for action. 

The top button activates the first level, triggering the fluttering effect of the soft silicone heart-shaped tips. With each additional press the fluttering effect increases in strength of vibration. The middle button is all about the pattern of the vibrations with the lowest button to instantly stop all stimulation when pressed. All in all, there are a total of 5 vibration levels with 7 different patterns to also choose from, so a good range to be personal to your needs. 

It’s when you press it on that the Amour really does come into its own, and its unusual design makes sense. Not only did the soft silicone tongue tip offer a sensual fluttering, but I was surprised at just how rumbly the motor was, giving a strong, deep pulse. Using it as a clitoral stimulator, I wasted no time exploring its sensation both around my vulva and clitoral area. With an increase of the settings, I was soon on level 3, with still two more levels to go, even so there was no doubt this was no lightweight vibe which would flutter around, but a power horse of a toy capable of giving the hood of my clitoris the sexy strong pulsing intensity it so loves from vibrators. 

How to use the Amour

Exploring the style of the Amour, I soon found how adaptively creative the shape was. Turning it over, the soft silicone-shaped tip was unusually curved, which made it perfect for cupping over my labia for an alternative sensation, as the fluttering vibrations offered a broader, more open reach. Being so soft, you could allow it a light, delicate touch or intensify the pulse by pressing it more firmly onto your skin. Unlike some smaller bullets, which can allow for more pinpoint accuracy of the pulse through a tapered tip, this did allow you to turn the Amour on its side to allow the delicate thin edge of the shaped tip to slip closer into the folders of your vulva while still fluttering and pulsing. 

There appeared to be no right or wrong way to use it, but the versatility was surprising and made it far more unusual than a standard uniform bullet shape. I mainly found that I continued with the curve facing away from me with the base of the back pressed heavenly on my clitoris, which meant the buttons were on the outside of the handheld area, so maybe that was the way it was designed to be used. Though, who really cares when the pulsations feel this good? Although I was predominantly using it as a clitoral stimulator, I could see how easily it allowed you to explore the fluttering pleasure on other erogenous zones, letting the rumbling deep vibrations and fluttering tip tweak and tease across your body both before and during sex. 

One of the benefits of any bullet vibe is how easy it can translate into partnered play too. Being small enough and flexible, it can offer additional sought-after and well-placed clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex, and as such, the Amour certainly led me to some mighty strong and fast orgasms.  Having been introduced to this newly shaped bullet, I will certainly be keeping it in my treasure box of toys. 

Where to buy

You can purchase the Amour directly from Je Joue; please click the link here. Our lovely friends at Je Joue are also offering a free massage candle (worth $25/£20) to FrolicMe members on ANY Je Joue order, use the code FROLICME. If you want to see the Amour in action, there is a very sensual film coming soon, and will link it here.


The post Sex toy review – The Amour by Je Joue appeared first on FrolicMe.






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