Watch Mick ruin Elias day as he has his way with his son’s college girlfriend

We start off with Molly, Elias’s college girlfriend, giving him a lovely blowjob on the couch in the living room. She really shows off her oral talents as she takes his whole length in without hesitation. His cute girlfriend makes hot gagging sounds as she rams her throat down the length of his shaft at lightning-fast speeds. And Elias can do little besides throw his head back in pleasure from his girlfriend’s ministrations. Any time she gives her throat a break, she uses to swirl her tongue around his cock head and licks up and down his long shaft. The teen couple is soon interrupted by his father, Mick, who walks into the living room. Thinking quickly, he hides his girlfriend and his exposed cock underneath a nearby blank as his dad sits next to him. As he sits down, though, Molly, like the little horny minx that she is, uses her feet to rub up and down on the daddy’s cock. We then switch to the bathroom where Molly is, and Mick just walked right in with his bathrobe open and his cock standing stiffly at attention. He bends the teen girl over the sink and pulls down her lovely pajama bottoms. He doesn’t waste much time, and when he finds that his son’s slutty girlfriend isn’t wearing any underwear, he jams his thick and long cock right inside of her young 18 years old pussy.


The girl begins rocking herself back into his rock-hard dick in rhythm with his deep thrusts. Just as things were starting to get hotter, though, Elias knocked on the bathroom door, asking if Molly was in there. The half naked girl opens up the door just a bit to talk to him; all the while, she’s still getting absolutely rammed by the mature cock for all that she’s worth. As soon as her boyfriend leaves, she gets onto her knees and starts sucking the daddy off. Her pouty lips wrap around his magnificent tool like she doesn’t plan ever to let him go. She worships his cock with all that she’s got. Ramming the thick meat rod all the way down her throat, all the while making lovely wet gagging and slurping sounds that are like music to his ears. He puts his hands on her head and speeds his thrusting up. He is skull fucking poor Molly with all his might, and he doesn’t seem to want to slow down in the slightest. All the naked girl can really do is sit there and take it as best as she can and wait for a break for her to get a few quick breaths into her lungs. They soon move over to the father’s bedroom. He lies down and places this little slut on his lap in the reverse cowgirl position. She starts riding him vigorously. Her bouncing is overshadowed, though, by his merciless thrusting upwards. Her teen tight pussy feels so good. He hasn’t fucked a teenage pussy in years. He doesn’t stop or slow down at all and just keeps hammering away at her poor, used pussy. They are getting closer to their limit, though, and soon cum.






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