A Recent Unusual Interruption

I thought I’d share an interesting interaction that I recently had with my Mary, and an unsuspected participant. Our dog, Sandy.  Mary and I were watching a streaming video series on Prime late one night. As usual, Sandy was settled in her favorite spot, in Mary’s lap, dozing while we were watching the program. It was getting late, and I wanted to take a shower before retiring to bed.

I got up, informing Mary I was going to hit the shower.  She will usually come in and give me a back scrub, as I’m finishing my shower. I do the same for her when she showers. Her other body parts usually enjoy getting some special attention as well, much to my enjoyment.  I love running my soap-slippery hands over her curves and breasts. It feels nice to massage them, and to feel her nipples harden and become erect. This is usually accompanied by her giggling, and thrusting her breasts towards me for more attention.

As I was rinsing the soap off, Mary went upstairs to get her robe, wanting to shower when I finished. I hadn’t dried off when she entered the shower,  so I stayed to help her wash. I was moving my hands on her, (slippery soap feels erotic), and she started to soap-massage my “shorter arm.” It didn’t take long for me to get hard.

There’s not a lot of room in our shower enclosure, with two small seats on the left and right. Mary keeps the left side filled with body wash, shampoo, cream rinse, lotions, and assorted products, so there is not much room for intimate play. We were both getting horny from all that rubbing going on. I decided we should get out of the shower and take care of the rising intensity of our actions.

We have a pair of recliners side by side that we use when we watch TV.  Sandy had curled up and continued to nap in one recliner while Mary and I showered.  After drying, Mary walked to the unoccupied recliner, dropped her robe, and bent over the arm of the other recliner. This was beside the recliner where Sandy had been sleeping.  As Mary bent over, I stood behind her so I could enter her warm, inviting space. She was wet and ready after the massaging of several minutes earlier.

As I entered that magical place, I started getting my rhythm going. Sandy got up from her napping seat and jumped into the chair Mary was bent over. She started licking Mary and we both started laughing. Telling Sandy to go away had no effect. She is quite stubborn.  She tried sticking her nose between us as if she wanted to join in the fun.

Sandy’s continued intrusions caused Mary to jump backward, nearly knocking me over.  As they say, three’s a crowd, and it was getting awkward with her trying to butt in on our playtime. So we had to stop and chase her upstairs. It didn’t spoil the mood at all. We just haven’t experienced that sort of interruption before while we were engaged in our favorite activity.

It had been some time since we’ve made love in another place in our home besides our bed. The bed is just so comfortable. It’s our usual play pen.  As we re-engaged in our interrupted fun-time, our passion reignited immediately. We were again consumed by our desires and finished with our passion well-spent.

As we headed back to the shower to clean up, we both started laughing again, talking about Sandy’s intrusion. The change of  location and trying a not-often-used position (doggy style) made it quite a memorable experience for us both—despite Sandy’s intrusion into our lovemaking!

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