A Shockingly Fun Date


A few years back, I subscribed to a type of “intimacy crate” that you receive in the mail every other month. Each box comes with a “guided fantasy” to help you maximize the box’s theme. Last May I got a box called The Hotspot. I opened it to find a wearable remote controlled vibrator, some lingerie, and some lube. The fantasy card suggests that you use the vibrator while on a date at a restaurant or something similar. Our lives being what they are, we actually haven’t been on a date since I got the box! But then last week, Dr. Daddy and I unexpectedly had the opportunity for a date night. 

I showered and straightened my hair. I had time to apply “date makeup” and perfume. Then I slipped that little firecracker into place before donning the accompanying red teddy. I scrutinized myself in the mirror and was pleased with the result. The red lace lingerie hugged my curves threatening to spill my breasts at any moment. The thong panty of the teddy helped hold the vibrator in place. It was blatant sex. I didn’t look like a sister, a daughter, a mom. I looked like a lover.

Smiling naughtily at myself, I tugged on a pair of jeans and a demure sweater. No one would ever guess at the sex kitten hidden underneath the preppy exterior When Dr. Daddy got home, I met him in the driveway and jumped into the truck.  

“How are you feeling tonight? Think you might want to play?” I asked as soon as I was seated. 

“I don’t know,” he responded, looking tired. “You know I’m so tired, I’m just not sure if I feel—“

“I know you’re worn out,” I interrupted, “what I have in mind only requires you to push a few buttons.” 

He looked startled as I tossed the remote to him.  

“This is the remote to the vibrator I’m wearing right now.” I calmly informed him with a wink. 

Dr. Daddy’s eyebrows shot up his forehead as he stared at me slack jawed. “You actually have a vibrator on right now?! Like, it’s attached to your panties?!”

“Well this one is shaped like a ‘U’ so it’s tucked partly inside me and the other half is resting against my clit.”

Looking more awake now, he started fumbling with the remote buttons. “Tell me how to work this.”

After a quick tutorial on the machinery, we backed out of the drive. We didn’t even make it to the end of our street before I felt the low rumble in my pussy. 

“Mmmm” I purred.  

“Can you feel that?” He asked grinning at me. He looked as giddy as a boy with a new toy!

“Yep,” I sighed, “a nice rumbling vibration.”

His eyes lit with mischief and then I felt it. He’d cranked it up to high, of course. I jolted in the seat squealing “Oh!” while he cackled deviously. 

Dr. Daddy’s been under a lot of stress lately and I know he’s probably on the cusp of getting sick. Whenever we do get the opportunity for a date night there’s always something that threatens to ruin it. But I really did think this would be a great option. We have to eat so might as well grab something from his favorite restaurant and the remote toy is playful without putting additional pressure on him. 

We were seated quickly at the restaurant and I looked around a little nervously. There weren’t as many people here as I thought there’d be. What if it’s too quiet and they can hear the hum of the vibrator? My thoughts were interrupted by the waiter asking for our drink order. Before I opened my mouth to say anything, I’m blasted with a steady drumbeat straight to my clit.

I cleared my throat and ordered a water hoping the concerned-faced waiter just thinks I’m really parched. Shooting a look at my husband, I saw him smirking, quite pleased with himself. He calmly ordered a Coke and then asked if I was ready to order with a twinkle in his eye. I knew he was just dawdling wanting to keep our audience there as long as possible. Meanwhile the thundering going on in my panties coupled with the lusty assurance on my husband’s face was making me wet. The vibrator began to slip and slide against me stimulating my entire pussy. 

“Chicken! Chicken fajitas!” I ordered a little too enthusiastically, earning me another strange glance from our waiter. 

Dr. Daddy ordered also and chuckled as the poor man walked back to the kitchen. 

“Oh my god, do you think he knew?!” I squealed. Thankfully Dr. Daddy had turned the toy off. 

“Nah,” he assured me, “I bet he just thinks you’re nuts.”

I tried to give him a disapproving glare but busted into giggles instead. 

It wasn’t long before our food was brought out. It smelled delicious but fajitas are probably not the best food to order when you’re at the mercy of a sly husband. I did my best but I severely underestimated how difficult assembling, rolling, and eating a fajita can be when you’re constantly being zapped on your clit.

Getting so turned on, I started to rock my hips, just a little, fucking myself on the internal part of the toy. I wondered if my face was flushed. Could other people tell how turned on I was? Right before we paid the check I decided it was only fair to turn the tables. 

“You know, I gave this thing a test run this morning to learn how to work it,” I whispered seductively to him. 

His startled response was immediate, “You did?! How? When? Weren’t the workmen there today?”

“Yes, that was the point. I wanted to make sure I knew how to use it and that it wasn’t too loud or anything. Besides, they had gone back outside before I orgasmed.”

I thought Dr. Daddy’s eyes were going to pop out of his head! He seemed at a loss for words so I continued. 

“The vibrations are awesome. But to get over the peak I needed just a little bit more. So I scooted forward in the kitchen chair until my pussy was flush with the front edge. I spread my legs and rocked my hips back and forth against the chair frame which caused the internal part of the toy to thrust ever so gently into me and allowed me to grind my clit against the external part.”

Now it was Dr. Daddy’s turn to appear flushed. He stared at me intently. I decided to give the final blow. 

“You know, the way this toy is designed, it can be worn during sex.”

His nostrils flared as he stood from the booth. “Let’s go,” he ordered. 

Once back in the truck he cranked the toy up to high. I moaned and could no longer keep from squirming in my seat. Even on high I still couldn’t hear the vibrator however the cab of the truck was beginning to smell like sex. That turned me on even more. Mercifully it’s a short ride from the restaurant to our house.

We basically ran up to our bedroom, tossing clothes off along the way. Dr. Daddy hummed appreciatively when he saw the lingerie but we didn’t stop to explore it. Finally naked and in the bed, we paused long enough for Dr. Daddy to ask, “Are you sure this will work? It looks like a tight fit.”

“Absolutely. It’ll be snug but you know it’ll stretch. But maybe it’s better to shut off the vibrations until you’re in. Do you think we need some lube to help you glide in easier?”

“No, you’re definitely wet enough.”

He ran his cock through my folds gathering up all my wetness before attempting again to penetrate my pussy. Slowly but with determination he pressed forward until his entire cock was sheathed inside me. The vibrator wasn’t big but I’ve never before had two things in my pussy at the same time. The slender width of the vibe added to the girth of my husband was incredible. 

“Does this feel ok to you?” I breathed.

“Yeah, I honestly don’t really feel it much.”

“Good. Let’s turn it back on.” With that I took the control and powered the toy back on. Both our eyes flew open and we started to giggle and then moan. Dr. Daddy began pumping into me and I cranked the toy up to max. Every thrust was a lightning bolt of pleasure. The toy just added to the high. It took only a few minutes at that extreme level of stimulation for Dr. Daddy to cum. 

“So you rode the hard edge of a chair this morning, huh?” he rumbled as he rolled over onto his back. He looked relaxed and satisfied. “We don’t really have any hard edges in our bedroom. Maybe my hand can help out?”

He grinned wickedly at me as I rose up on my knees and lowered my vibrator filled pussy to his waiting, outstretched hand. The firmness of his open palm provided just the right amount of resistance as I ground my sopping wet pussy against him. Watching him, content in his own post orgasm bliss while calmly pleasuring me with his hand was intensely erotic! My body shuddered as I came, squeezing the vibrator and flooding his open hand. 

“That was awesome!” I sighed. Removing the now alarmingly hot vibrator, I grabbed a towel and snuggled under his arm. “I thought you were only going to push buttons on a remote tonight. I guess this toy is really a medical device – it miraculously heals exhaustion and stops colds before they start!” I teased.  

“Hmm, maybe I just need a daily dose of your pussy!”  

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