In The Rainforest part 2

As part one pointed out, we are on vacation in a tropical Latin American country. We had some great fun yesterday but we had limited time. Today we had no scheduled excursions so we really took our time.

Our resort room has a huge, jetted tub. We decided to make use of it this morning. Last night we were at an isolated part of the resort and we did some cuddling and tasty kissing in the beautiful hot springs. In fact we went to several spots to marinate in the warm water and get our sex-temperature up for today. Every time we kissed I started getting hard, even though we’d had an amazing sex romp in our hotel room the night before. We even took nude photos on our isolated deck and had some sex-play before she gave me oral and we absolutely romped and fucked on the bed – with the big window open to a tropical view of a majestic volcano. Anyway, read all about it in part one.

TODAY, or this morning, we took a few more nude pics backed by the tropical greenery. Then we headed for the – no not the bed – the made-for-two jetted tub!

I had filled it with the perfect temperature of warm water and laid out some “other things.”First I went in. I then helped my bride in but I copped some titty/nipple stimulation before I helped lower her into the water. Far from resisting, when she was about to get in & she saw my mouth drooling for her nipples she cupped the underside of each boobie and offered her nips to my hungry mouth in turn. But we were just getting started!

Once settled in the jacuzzi tub and facing each other, it was sweet. I told my wife how much I love her and how wonderful she is. She was and is a fantastic mother and grandmother, and of course, she is a phenomenal wife! She is both smart and kind! And we both enjoy nature’s wonders so much. But I also told her, “YOU are my favorite part of Nature’s wonders!  You are so absolutely beautiful to me and you always will be!”

I took some photos with our private photos app. Melody shifted and posed sexily. “I want to get them to float,” she said. My favorite photo had half her areola and her hard nipples just barely above water as her D-cup breasts half floated in the water.

We had brought along some waterproof sex toys. (the other things) I had placed them strategically before we started. So we got them off the washcloth on the edge of the tub. Melody began buzzing her pussy while I buzzed & stroked my cock. She had an ivibe and I had a Hello Cake male vibrating stroker. She played with her tits – pinching her nips. I leaned forward and did some titty pinching of her raspberries too. She used her toes to stroke my cock and my man-nips. I also did some titillation of my own nips too – as I kept stroking my dick with the vibrating stroker.

All the while the jacuzzi jets were running and circulating the warm water & we were also watching each other play sexually! This was erotic beyond belief! Praise God that marriage can be so fulfilling! We did this for I don’t know how long. We had to add warm water three times!

Finally, I helped Melody sit up on the end edge with her feet still in the tub. This was to be the other half of our fellatio session that we cut short yesterday. The wall behind the tub was one big mirror so I had an amazing view as she pumped my lower shaft and orally loved on my shaft’s upper half. But she also went deeper and engulfed almost my full big and hard cock.

I filmed this on our private app. But I put the smartphone down after a minute so I could just enjoy the view and the sensations!

“Mmmm!” I said. “Feels so nice Melody! You’re so good at that! Thank you for pleasing your man with this special gift!”

We both wanted to finish on our king-size bed in front of the open window with the rainforest and volcano view. Melody got there before me. I walked in from the bathroom to see the misty greenish rainforest glow lighting upon her breasts as she buzzed her clitty & pinched one titty. It was such an erotic sight that I dang near came on the spot.

I couldn’t resist doing our “tip on nip” so I kneeled up next to her & I rubbed my leaking glans on her closest titty as I pumped my shaft.

“Does that feel good?” I asked her.

“Yes it does!” she sighed with a dreamy look in her eyes.

I continued for a short time but I was very close to my eruption. So I leaned over and licked off my pre-cum off her left nipple! To us, it was soooo sexy and uber-erotic.

I went around to the other side of the bed and took some photos of her playing with her tits and buzzing her clit.

My hurt shoulder was somewhat better today so I was able to lean in to tongue Melody’s already moist pussy. I actually just focused on her lovely shining & swollen clitoris. Melody spread her vulva aside with her hands so I saw her glistening clit before my tongue attacked. Today my wife could only handle cunnilingus a short time. But receiving even 30 seconds of cunnilingus always practically guarantees an orgasm will happen soon for Melody. But I didn’t know HOW soon this time.

She applied the iVibe back to her now even more swollen clitoris and she had “the look”
Then I realized that she was CLOSE! So I quickly laid down just as she gasped out in her deep sex voice, “I’m cumming!!”

I knew that nipple stimulation would intensify and prolong her climax so I immediately engulfed one nipple with my mouth and sucked and tongue-flicked it hard. My other hand pinched and twisted her other swollen nipple! Her back arched off the bed and her beautiful breasts swelled like a lava dome in a volcanic caldera. Her face and body seemed to become like those of my newlywed bride 30 years ago. Melody’s whole body jerked and shook like an erupting volcano’s earthquake. She shook in deep sexual orgasmic pleasure!

As she came back down she demanded, “My turn!” She was hungry for MY nipples. We discovered together on our honeymoon how erotic her loving on my nips can be. We both really enjoy it.

I lubed up “Julia” the vibrating stroker and turned her on. Melody orally and manually attacked my man-nips. Then as I began pumping my cock with Julia Melody talked for her. “Oooo! That feels so good having you in my pussy!”

Of course, Julia is an extension of Melody. I could have cum fast and I almost did. But I wanted my milky lava to flow into my sex-crazed wife’s lava tube! So I put Julia aside and slid down into our go-to X position. As I did so I looked upon Melody’s swollen pussy, vulva, and clitoris. I swear I’ve never seen that glorious part of her body look more beautiful and inviting!

I got to a right angle with my “anxious to be taken” wife and I plunged in. My cock had never been happier.

“I love you, Melody!” I cried out.

“I love you too Tommy!” she replied as I felt her Kegal muscles give me the ultimate hug. She had returned the vibrator to her clitoris and the sensation of the vibrations through the walls of her vagina was incredible too. Her orgasm was so recent that her pussy began spasms again like volcanic earthquake aftershocks. This time her orgasmic earthquake caused the eruption of my cock and all my hot man-cream lava exploded into her pussy. The orgasm I had yesterday was very good, but this one today was beyond spectacular!!! It was like a Mt. St. Helens eruption. HER orgasm(s) today had also been really intense. What a great way to start the day! All within view of a nearby towering volcano!

We spent the rest of the day having brunch at a traditional restaurant, then shopping, and more hot tubbing. We had dinner at the swim-up bar and then kept finding moments to kiss at each hot springs pool we were in. These kisses were more like mini make-out sessions for us – especially at the last pool.

“NOW I know why I married you!” I joked. “For kisses like that!” My cock had really woken up and we had to walk by a lot of people when we got out of the hot springs pool. So I then told Melody of (I think it was) KingdomMan referring to having to think about dead puppies to calm his obvious erection. We both laughed at that, KM. The thought is so horrible that it really did kill my erection.

We finally went back to our room to pack up. We are going to a different resort in another beautiful part of this country tomorrow. The sexy vacation fun is not over!

I want to again add that the young adult employees here are beautiful people. They are kind but also handsome/beautiful. There are many young couples here – including some on their honeymoon. We are the oldest people at this resort right now. Yet we don’t begrudge anyone their youth. We have admired many beautiful men and women in revealing swimwear at this hot springs resort. Yet we feel no jealousy for our spouse looking and admiring.

Our bodies are God’s greatest creation. We can admire a beautiful person’s body and not lust after them. AND we can love our spouse platonically some of the time and erotically some of the time as well. And the friendship between us continues to build our bond and fuel our love and passion for each other!

We would have loved to have had sex in one of the hot springs pools but the pools were all well lit. We did a little underwater touching but we didn’t want to risk getting caught and it spoiling our vacation. BTW, in the past, we HAVE made pounding love in a backyard jacuzzi. But we think this resort might have security cameras.

After today’s erotic morning sex, I told Melody that we certainly couldn’t complain about the sex at this resort. Somehow NOT being able to consummate our love in the hot springs pools got us over the top wired for amazing sex in our resort room. And we DID take nude photos and have some boobie fun on our (we hope) totally private deck!

The stay here has been wonderful in so many ways… including amping up our sex life!

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