A dentist with a big pecker checks the gag reflex on this big natural boobs blonde

A stunning blonde girl went to the dentist for a regular annual check-up. While the doctor was checking her teeth for cavities, he also decided to check check her gag reflex. So, naturally, he pulled out his manhood and started shoving it in her mouth. When she bends over to do the test, her huge milk cans with lovely nipples are on display. Since the dentist has a humongous cock the test is going pretty well. The test went well, and it seems like the whole annual check-up is also all right. So, again, naturally, he needs to check if she is shaved downstairs. As he saw that she had only a little bit of hair on her pink cunt, he started licking. She agrees that he is bringing her so much pleasure. Basically, during this whole dental appointment, he noticed that she just wanted to be fucked right in her ass. So, during the scissoring position, he bangs her right in her fine ass. Holding her waist with both hands he pulls out and then pushes the entire cock back in stretching her anus out even more. “Ohhh God yes. Right in my ass. Right in my nasty little ass,” she cries out. Obviously, she needs it harder, and he obeys, even though it is not a command. His dental office is full of passion they can not get enough of themselves. She is being penetrated in that asshole so beautifully that she puts her two fingers in her other meat hole. While still being banged anally, she is trying to reach orgasm by masturbating her vagina. When he joines, touching her clit, she reaches the climax, cumming harder than she has ever orgasmed before. Then it is her time to jump on that beef bayonet. This is where he drills her hard in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Her screams are full of satisfaction. Her milk cans are bouncing up and down. Busty babe keeps slamming her ass back down on the dentist’s dick, trying her best to cum as hard as possible.






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