A house party turns into a mad fight and then into a sexy lesbian hookup

Four gorgeous babes were at a house party, catching up on gossip. The blonde’s ex Jason, had just started a relationship with her best friend Gianna. That triggered a girl fight that was nasty. Everyone saw it and it got to the point where the girls started ripping their dresses off. The blonde, Emma, got her tits exposed so she went to the bedroom to change. She was jealous and angry. There is nothing more dangerous than two horny sluts fighting over some dick. Gianna walked in to get a towel, but when she saw that sexy babe naked she realized that Jason wasn’t important at all. She took the towel off of the blonde’s body and started taking off her dress. The naked girls both got on the bed and started kissing each other. Emma couldn’t wait for her pussy to be licked so she grabbed Gianna’s head and pushed it between her legs. She was moaning with pleasure as her clit was being sucked. Her tongue was doing magic all over her clit. She had never had such a strong orgasm before. The naked girls switched and Emma got to perform some tongue hurricane on her friend’s pussy. Then she got up and sat on her face so that she could rub her clit while getting her pussy and ass licked. This gorgeous babe moved her hips front and back over her friend’s face and screamed while rubbing her nipples and squeezing her big round breasts. The naked girls switched and now it was Gianna’s turn to rub her wet cunt all over her friend’s face. Her thigh’s clamped hard around the head, and holding her by her hair, she drove her hips up and down smearing her pussy into her friend’s face as her back arched. Then it was time for another switch – Gianna leaned over so Emma could finger from behind. Both naked girls had one orgasm after another. They ended with scissoring, rubbing their hard clits against each other, until they both came again and loudly.






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