The Preview

Sometimes less is more.

It was the middle of the week; it had been a long day for both of us. Work, dinner, meetings, your typical family stuff.

Nothing too sexy about any of that.

But the urges were still there for both of us that night. We had not made love for a few days and I was longing for her embrace. Based on the way she touched and kissed me when she got home, she was feeling the same way. Which is always a good thing.

But sometime exhaustion trumps sex. We were headed that way tonight. I noticed my wife starting to doze off in the living room as the night wore on. Usually, it is me who does that, so you know she must have been really tired.

“OK, dear,” I said gently pulling her to her feet, “time for you to call it a night.”

She moaned as she struggled to her feet.

“I am not tired,” said my wife in protest.  “Besides we had plans for later.”

I laughed. “I understand and I want to, too. But I would prefer it if you were awake.”

With me holding her hand, my wife went to bed. She turned on her bedside lamp, as I pulled back the covers. I watched her undress as I walked out of the bedroom.

After another 30 minutes reading, I too started to fall asleep. I turned off the lights, checked all the doors and headed upstairs to bed. When I entered our room, I found my wife on her side, facing the wall. The room was dark.

Trying to be quiet, I quickly undressed, leaving on only boxer shorts. I pulled back the covers and slipped into bed. She was wearing a gray T-shirt and satin shorts.

I reached over, as I always do, and gave her a good night kiss on her check. “Good night, babe” I whispered. She stirred a little. I  rolled back to my side of the bed.

As I settled on my back, she rolled back over facing me, placing her head on my chest. Her eyes were still closed.

“Sorry I didn’t make it,” she whispered. “I promised you.”

I pulled her closer, rubbing her back.

“You owe me nothing,” I said. “Besides this is always best as a two-person endeavor.”

She giggled, eyes still closed. Then she took her left hand and slipped it underneath the band of my boxers.

“Let me give you at least a preview of things to come,” she whispered again.

My wife snuggled even closer, her hand resting on my now stirring member. She rolled my semi-erection through her fingers, causing it to fully harden and rise through the slit of my boxers.

Slowly, she moved her hand up and down my shaft, making sure her thumb always covered the top of my erection.

I arched my back, giving her easier access. A couple of times, I locked my hand with hers and we moved up and down my shaft together.

After a few times, my wife stopped, removed her hand from underneath my shorts and placed it on my chest. Her eyes still were closed.

“Will that tide you over until morning when we can be wide awake to enjoy this?” she whispered.

“Morning better come early,” I replied, my erection still tenting up the covers.

My wife giggled and kissed my cheek. Soon she was asleep. I followed quickly after, feeling my member return to its normal status.

Morning did come. So did we.








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