Wild floozy of a wife fucks her lover while her husband is working next door

I was so frustrated in my marriage. All the fun and passion from the beginning were gone. There was no sex and I would spend our time in bed masturbating naked while my husband was sleeping. So I had to find someone to satisfy me. Soon my biggest turn on was to fucking random dudes and coming home with a face full of cum, right under my husband’s nose. Today, a strong sexy hunk is my man of choice. I was ready to squirt all over his huge cock… but things got complicated when my hubby showed up early to work from home. I love the danger and almost getting caught. So, that only turned me on more. When my husband went to his study to work, we snuck to the bedroom. I couldn’t wait to suck his amazing cock. I made it all wet with my saliva and choked on it so hard. Then I got on top of him and jumped up and down on that dick like there was no tomorrow. I missed it so much! His hard shaft filled my vagina, setting it on fire. His penis was so thick that it was a bit of a tight fit, but the friction of his penis against my cervix was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. First in reverse and then I turned toward his face so he could choke me and squeeze my nipples. He sucked my nipples and I watched as his huge cock slid in and out of my pussy. That gets me so hard and makes me cum instantly. He was ordering me what to do, rubbing my clit and moving my hips until he made me cum so hard. Then he slowed it down just for a second, but his dick was still so incredibly hard. He got me on my back, put my legs together, and entered my pussy so deep. He started right into my eyes – I knew he knew what he was doing. After that he fucked me from the side, then I was on top again and I kept cumming for who knows how many times. Finally, he put me on my belly and pounded me from the back until he came loudly. I told him I wanted to see his cum on my face. I wanted him to give me a facial. covering my whole face with a thick layer of sperm.






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