A Gift For H ‘s Birthday

This is my first blog as a long time MH reader. Since English is not my first language, I wanted to use a translation just in case it would be more accurate. I hope you enjoy it. (M is “him”; H is “her”)

They were both working very hard. M, who had been out of town a lot lately for meetings, was going to return home in the evening after a long trip. Because it was H’s birthday, she had gotten permission from her boss to return the day before so that the two of them, who had not seen each other for a long time, could have a nice birthday night.

Winter approached, and it was getting colder and colder outside, but the house felt too warm for H on this Saturday. Anticipation of the evening was calling to her, a fever growing in her body.

They hadn’t made love for a week, which always made her edgy; M knew that about his wife very well. They hadn’t spoken since the morning, and when she looked at her watch, she knew his plane would be landing soon. He should be home in an hour.

That left enough time to get in the shower and get ready. First, she went into the bathroom, turned on the dim light, and started the hot water. Then she went into the bedroom to take off her clothes, leaving on her purple panties. She looked in the mirror, first from the front, then from the back. You’re fine, she told herself.

Returning to the bathroom, H slowly pulled down the damp purple panties and tried hard not to touch herself. She checked her phone again before she got in the shower, but there was no message that he’d touched down. Surely his plane had landed by now. She couldn’t resist texting M.

H: Come on! Waiting for you.

M: Damn, my flight’s delayed, honey. I’ll land in the city in 1 hour, and I plan to be home in about 2 hours.

H couldn’t say anything to him, so disappointed was she; she looked at the mirror in the bathroom.

Not what I imagined for my birthday. I’m not going to wait that long for you,” she said, talking to herself in the mirror. She couldn’t help herself and sent another text.

H: I’m very edgy, and I’m sure you know why.

M: I know, darling, and I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to let you know what was happening.

H: Bye!

She was sure her abrupt end to the conversation had shown her feelings enough. Probably M would be angry, and he wouldn’t type again until he came home. So she set the phone aside, missing the screen that said: “…is typing.”

She no longer had any reason not to touch her skin, which was getting tauter and wetter. She started tracing circles on her breasts reflected in the mirror. The phone chirped. Surprised, she looked at her messages once more.

M: Since it’s your birthday today, I bought a special home spa package for the two of us. I wanted to meet him at the door at 7:00 p.m. on my way home to give you a nice birthday surprise to help you release your tension. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be home in time. I just gave him our address and a temporary door code. He is very punctual and professional. Please be ready in bed at 7:00 and enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage for your tense muscles. I love you. See you in two hours.

H was both delighted and surprised. She looked at her watch; it was only 6:05. You deserve at least this after such a busy year, H said to herself.

She got into the shower and felt herself getting excited at the thought of a massage. As she enjoyed the hot water, she resisted the urge to touch herself. When she got out, she dried her hair and applied the coconut-scented body cream she just bought for what would have been their special evening. Then she poured herself a glass of wine.

M was very meticulous in his work, and he chose his clients and suppliers from among reliable professionals. H trusted him. But she knew she would never give a naked massage to someone she didn’t know, not even another woman. So she put on the black bikini she bought this summer but never got to wear because her vacations were canceled due to work demands.

Now her watch read 6:57. Time for a birthday present, she thought. She quickly sipped down the last of the wine in her glass. Then she pulled up a spa album on her tablet, turned on the bedside lamp, turned off the other lights in the room, and closed the door halfway. After folding back the covers, she pulled her favorite sleep mask over her eyes and lay face down on the bed.

At exactly 7:00, she heard the door open. A vision of M came into her mind, and she was grateful that he had realized her muscles really need this kind of therapy. To give her tense body the gift it deserved, she responded to the knock-knock sound coming from the half-open door.

H: Please come in. My husband has made an appointment for two, first for me and then for him. He will be a little late. He has about an hour before he arrives. You can start with me until he arrives.

‘’I know’, said the masseur in a low, soothing voice.

H was shocked even by this short answer. She did not think her husband would have scheduled a male masseur, but rather a woman.

She tried to talk, but her voice trembled.

H: I left a towel and massage oil on the side. I hope that’s enough for you.


This peaceful voice then began to massage her professionally. As he moved from her feet to her knees and then to her groin, she felt the fire inside her seeping outwards. His hands traveled up her legs, and she felt the masseur part her legs. He paused for a moment before his hands moved upward and began to massage her inner thighs with his fingertips.

This part was shorter than she would have liked because he continued upward, first to her neck and then to her back. He untied the laces H had tied without even bothering to ask her. H wanted to refuse his move, only to surprise herself by saying it was no problem.

The long back massage progressed to her waist and under her bikini bottom, which he wanted to gently slide down. She found herself almost involuntarily lifting her hips for him. As the tension in her thighs was released by his professional touch, she felt the juices from her increasingly wet pussy begin to mix with the massage oil. She wanted to spread her legs again. She hesitated for a moment and then let herself go.

His hands began to touch H’s pussy without asking and his fingertips glided over her pussy. H started to make sounds of pleasure and said, “Please, continue.”

But the masseur stopped for a minute. felt the edge of the bed sink down and shift with his movements, heard first the sound of a zipper and then the soft plop of pants hitting the floor. After a second’s pause, when she felt him on the bed with his body on top of hers, she wanted to surrender herself to him completely. She felt she was experiencing one of the most erotic moments of her life.

H: I guess this is a body massage?

‘’Yes, the deluxe package.’’

H instinctively raised her bottom up. And when she felt the tip of the masseur’s big cock, she leaned back and continued to take it quickly into her wet pussy.

She came with a big bang, biting the pillow so that no one would realize how much she was screaming. Afterward, the masseur came on her, then cleaned up the sperm that had exploded on her buttocks.

“You’re leaving?’’ asked H.

“Uh-huh.” H heard the bedroom door close and then the front door.

Two minutes later, the door to the house opened again, and she said to herself that the timing was too close. She was surprised at what she had done and didn’t know what to say to him.

M walked in and saw how sexy H was and how she was waiting for him. Without saying anything, he turned her around, removed the blindfold, and said, “I hope you liked your present. Now it’s my turn to bring you.”

They made love for many minutes until they both exploded, then held each other for a while as M’s sperm spilled out of her pussy.

H said, ‘’I need to tell you something.’

M put her eye mask back on. He kissed her and answered her in a suddenly changed voice.

“I know.’

H, filled with peace, smiled and hugged him in thanks for the most surprising birthday present of her life.

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