Bengali celebrations can be so much hotter if the host wants your dick

Danny and his girlfriend were invited by their friend to a Bengali party at her house. They got all dressed up and went there. There were a few other people and his Bengali friend looked amazing in her traditional outfit. Danny always found this Bengali babe hot and now she looked even better. So while everyone was talking, catching up, and getting drinks, he noticed she was watching him in a funny way. He didn’t know exactly what she meant by it but soon he realized – she wanted him as well! She lifted her top up in front of everyone and showed him her perfect round tits and a tattoo on her chest! Nobody else saw this, but the fact that anyone could have seen it made the whole thing hotter. After that, they went to the table and started eating. As he was putting food on his plate he felt someone under the table. It was her! She sneaked under the table, unzipped his pants, and took his enormous hard cock out. The crazy Bengali slut put it in her mouth and started sucking it. He loved it so much but couldn’t contain himself in front of everyone at the table. He pretended like the food was too spicy and had to go to the toilet. She followed him and waited for him in the hallway. She pinned him against the wall and started making out with him.


Then she went to her knees and took his dick out again. Her mouth was too small for such a thick sausage but she tried the best she could. The sound of her sucking it and choking on it made him so horny. Next thing he knew, she was bent over the stairs and he was shoving his dick inside her pussy. Her perfectly round ass with tattoos was jiggling and he couldn’t help but slap it even though someone might hear that. She was moaning and rolling her eyes because he was stretching her pussy so much. She was getting more and more wet so he could get in deeper. He was grabbing her by the hips and banging her doggy style. He was destroying her pussy but made her keep quiet. Then he got up and made her suck him off again while he peered his head back into the room, pretending in front of the rest of the crowd he was going to the kitchen for more food. Then he sat on the stairs and she was on top of him, riding his dick. The hot babe got up and was leaning against the wall, while he was tapping her from behind. He rolled her top up and was squeezing her tits when all of a sudden, Danny’s girlfriend came toward them. Luckily she didn’t see him, just asked her if she needed help in the kitchen. Then she returned to the table and Danny soon came inside her in a huge orgasm.






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