His new gf’s teenage daughter walks in on him when he’s in the shower

The small-breasted teenage daughter is innocently walking through the house. She suddenly heard someone taking a shower and decided to check what was going on. It is her mother’s new boyfriend. She has never seen such a penis before, it is huge, swollen, with a bulbous head. His massive penis is swinging between his legs, long and thick. While watching the naked man in the shower, she got so turned on that her hand slid down to her pussy. She starts masturbating, thinking how wonderful it would be to feel it in her pussy, or better in her little asshole. She runs to her bedroom to pleasure herself. Now he is spying on her. They are obviously on the same page because he enters her room and immediately puts his huge cock into her asshole! She has a round booty, and his schlong is something that was needed to be perfect. The naked girl screams with pleasure, and they start a good hard fucking fest. While being drilled from behind in doggy style, she rubs her vagina and moans even harder. He starts penetrating her tooshie even faster and harder. She yells louder and louder. He started pulling her hair. It seems like that is what she wants and that is what she deserves. It is time for him to invade her pussy. During missionary, she lifts her legs in the air. He has no mercy at all and starts boinking her even harder, if that is even possible. Now he easily slides into her asshole and gives her a hard time focusing on anything else. A short break is happening since she wants that humongous pecker in her mouth. She gags and spits all over his manhood. She is a cowgirl, and she likes bouncing. He is taking control and bangs her love tunnel while stretching her buttocks. She can not believe how good this is and screams with pleasure. Naturally, he is spanking her round booty because the sexual tension is thick.






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