In The Rainforest, Part 3

This trip has been so amazing! At our previous resort, my wife, Melody, and I enjoyed multiple hot springs surrounded by lush tropical forest. We had a view from our room of a beautiful volcano as well. Our deck was quite secluded so our first morning there we became outdoor nudists (sort of). And of course I had two erotic and intense lovemaking sessions with my beautiful and sexy wife.

We are now in another part of this tropical Latin American country at a resort overlooking the sea. Our new resort is still in the tropical rainforest. But this one has monkeys and tropical birds everywhere! Our previous room had a huge picture window with doors on either side. Here it’s a sliding glass door. Like our last room, our door leads to a patio that is lined with broad-leafed trees and other tropical plants. This new room has a 1/2-mile view of the rainforest with the ocean in the near distance.

This morning, we got up early and had breakfast early as well. The birds and monkeys are out early, and we wanted to see them again before we left this afternoon. We did not have to leave until 1:00 p.m., so we planned to have our final lovemaking session of this vacation before we left.

After a great but light breakfast, we headed back to our resort room. We again left the window (or in this case the curtains of the sliding glass door) wide open. We met nude on the king-sized bed for some intense married fun!

As we alternated deep, arousing kissing with some pre-sex pillow talk, I reflected to my wife that it’s interesting how people use expletives in times of pleasure and anger. I mentioned that we only use sex slang during sex or to refer to our sexual exploits with each other when talking to each other. This racy language is a more recent development in our marriage. I think it’s MarriageHeat’s “fault.”

I told my Melody, “I could say that you are a good fuck… or fucking good at fucking!”

She rolled her eyes. Then she said, “You like how I say puuusssy.”

“I LOVE how you say that!” I replied. “Your eyes, your boobs, and your pussy are my favorite parts of your body!” I added. “Your sexy body is sooo beautiful in this natural tropical light!”

I previously had admired our view from the window and deck. Now I was REALLY admiring the view of the morning light and shadows on my wife and lover’s curvy sexy body.

“You’re full of it,” she replied. “Now put some lube in and on my puuusssy!”

I acted fast and grabbed the AloeCadabra (no flavor this time) lube. I coated her vulva and clitoris with one glob and pushed another glob of lube deep into her pussy, and my fingers lingered. It’s always fun to play with her internal pussy. Of course, I soon moved to her already swollen pussy lips, and I also stroked her swollen and aroused clit. I could tell immediately that Melody was “wired for sound” as we call it when she’s desperate for sex.

“You have the look, Melody,” I said. “Your orgasm is imminent!”

“Get me a vibrator!” she said in kind of a demanding tone.

I complied, and then I orally dove onto her closest nipple with sexual gusto. Her big tits are SO wonderful to me! I know I’d love ‘em if they were smaller because I love all of her, not just her body. But I gotta admit that marrying her with her perfectly shaped D-cup breasts made me instantly into a boob man.

And she knows how to tantalize me with her titties! She pinched then twisted her tits or nips with one hand and stroked her pussy with the other. Then she spread her vulva to give me easy access to her shiny clitoris. I gave her some lingual action to her clit as she pinched and fingered both of her nipples. I returned to her nipples with even more enthusiasm as she buzzed her clitoris with her iVibe.

Then I kneeled on the bed to her right and we did “tip on nip” where I rub my glans or penis tip on her nipple as I pump my erection. I even took a quick video of this. To us, it is a beautiful and sexy sight. I then went to the left side of the bed and did the same thing. Usually, I put some lube on her tits, but my precum was flowing well and was all the lube her nipples needed.

“Does that feel good?” I asked her, although the answer was obvious.

“Yes it does,” she gasped out in her sexy deep sex voice.

After a while, she twice insisted it was HER turn. She wanted to orally love on my man-nips. So I leaned over and licked all my precum off her tasty titties. Then I lay back on the bed, and she attacked my nearest nipple with her lips and tongue.

“You are so good at that!” I groaned as I pumped my penis to even more fullness.

Now, as regular MH readers know, Melody usually gives me oral sex once and sometimes twice a month on holidays, birthdays, or on our anniversary. But the thought of her lips, tongue, and mouth on my dick again triggered me to ask.

“Will you give me oral? We can count it for New Year’s!”

(We counted the awesome oral sex at the previous resort as the Christmas oral sex session.)

Melody stared at me. I added, “Then on Christmas and New Year’s, you can surprise me if you want to!”

That broke the ice; she laughed and moved her head down to do the deed! During the blow job, she rotated doing the following:

-Lips on the underside and top of my super sensitive glans

-Tongue-flicking the frenum on the underside of my glans (really drove me wild)

-Licking the underside and top of my glans

-Tongue and lips running along the full length of the underside of my erection

-Her marvelous mouth engulfing my erection and her head bobbing up and down. She varied the depth of the blow job from shallow to deep throating my entire long length.

I marveled as I was enthralled with the sensations my wife was giving me.

“You are soooo GOOD at this!” I barely managed to tell her because I was lost in Nirvana!

She paused a few times and returned to licking, tongue flicking, and sucking my nipple and she played with my balls as I stroked my dick. Then she went back to the fellatio. One time she watched close-up as I pumped my rod.

She said, “Your penis is so beautiful!”

THAT turned me on even more. But we both wanted my seed planted in her garden, so finally she stopped giving me oral, and as she manually pumped my hard cock she said, “If you can, you should!” (This is our old-couple sex rule.)

Moving into our go-to X position, with her on her back and me on my side at right angles, I lined my arrow up with her target.

“I want you to fuck my puuussy NOW!” she said as she pulled her pussy lips wide open again.

Full of crazy passion and love, I slid inside of her. “I love you, Melody!” I said as I started by slowly pumping into her pussy.

Sometimes we make love slowly for a long time, but usually, we start slowly and then ramp it up to frantic fucking.

“I love you too, Tommy!” She answered back as her Kegals gave my pumping penis a love-hug.

She had switched to her Sensuelle+ vibe, and I could really feel those vibrations that were stimulating her clit, pussy, and my hard, pussy-plunging cock.

“Like I said before,” I quipped, “you are a really good fuck!”

The lustful aroused look on her face made my wife look, to me, like she did many years ago on our honeymoon. Personally, I think seeing your long-term spouse as still beautiful/handsome is a wonderful spiritual gift.

I began to up my game, and soon my dick was giving Melody and her pussy the fast, hard, and pounding fuck that she was craving! She loved it, although I did hold back just a little so my longer-than-average length didn’t cause pain when my tip plowed into her cervix.

With my heart issues, our actual intercourse is only a few more minutes long after the pounding fucking starts. But they are a delightful few minutes!

“I’m gonna come!” I announced as I felt the electrical nerve storm approaching.

The vibrations were intensified when she gave me another tight Kegal hug. Plus her pussy was pulsating as it does when we fuck.

“Come in my pussy!” she said in her husky sex voice.

Of course, I did so as the orgasmic electrical storm nearly made me black out. I shot a LOT of my cum into her receiving cunt because we had been busy with excursions and transfers, so we had not had sex for a few days.

Next, I slid up to suck her left nipple. Simultaneously cumming is rare for us now, but we rejoice in the sexual pleasure we still enjoy. Usually, to cum now, Melody needs my mouth loving on her tit as my hand pinches and plays with her other tit while she buzzes her clitty with one of her bullet vibes.

I was right that she was wired for sound (way turned on today) because, like last time at our first resort, after receiving my seed in her pussy and me sliding up to suck her tit, she came in like half a minute at most! Her back arched off the bed as she huskily said in her sex voice, “I’m cumming!”

Watching her have her personal magnitude-10 orgasmic earthquake is so enjoyable for me. I’m sure all good husbands feel that way.

We did some sexual play along with our afterglow, but we have been hiking our old bodies through the rainforest, etc., and a round two of sex was kind of out of the question. I had stepped on a rock and crashed and burned on our last hike the day before, so my shoulder was again really sore. But we had definitely enjoyed each other’s bodies and our own body’s sexual responses.

Still, as part of the afterglow, I scooped some of our love mixture from her leaking pussy and rubbed it onto her tits. Then I licked and sucked her tits clean. She looked absolutely beautiful in her sexual afterglow! And that look held on for hours and hours afterward.

No one can tell US that married sex is boring!

BTW, thank you to the writers of the latest MH stories. Your stories really helped inspire us during this vacation. Especially:

“I Love Road Trips” Our vacation sex can be so over the top and incredibly intense! And yet, as I’ve said before, if my Melody wants a pounding fuck, then that pounding intense “fucking” is still lovemaking and making love!

“Nude Beach” Although we did not go to the nearby nude beach, we DID take some naked photos and do some nude sex play outside on our room’s private deck or patio. OK, we THINK it was private, but we can’t be sure.

Also, thanks for “MH Breaks The Ice On A Cool Night!” I talked with Melody and read parts of one of my stories (about us) to her. It worked! That was the start of one of our great sex sessions at the first resort!

So thank you, oldtimer, QueenandHubby, and CreamyPatty! And to everyone, keep on lovin’!

-The End of “In The Rainforest” series-
(But not the end of our lovin’!)

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