A judo practice turns into a fuck fest for the Asian beauty and the instructor

This particular judo class has only two students. Two smoking hot girls that don’t really like each other. They both tried to win the instructor’s attention for the longest time. The girls are horny, and they want his dick inside of them. They had been watching him, and they could see his dick often through his kimono. He was ripped and handsome, but the girls knew they couldn’t share them. So then the feisty Asian girl got a bit too aggressive during training and hurt the other one. She had to go get her wrist checked out, leaving the other one alone with the hot instructor. As they continued training, she was under him, and he opened her kimono, revealing her naked tits. She overpowered him, got on top, and started kissing him. He loved it, so he squeezed her tits and started playing with her hard nipples. It was time she got him naked and saw if his dick was truly that big. And it was, especially since it was rock-hard. She couldn’t wait to suck it and lick it all over. Just like he barely managed to wait for her to finish so he could bend her over and lick her ass and pussy. She won’t miss this chance to roll around with him on the mats. He lined his judo cock up and drove into her with one thrust. Her pussy was wet and she took his full length easily. They banged doggy style, but when he turned over and let her ride him like a cowgirl, that was when the fun started. She was cumming like crazy, moaning, screaming and shaking. Later, he turned her and got inside of her in reverse cowgirl. His long hard dick was sliding into her shaved pussy. They tried out all the judo poses, including the one where he got her legs behind her head and entered so deep inside that he made her cum again.






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