Sexidemic- Chapter one

Sexidemic is the name that was eventually given to the fallout from the accidental “poisoning” of bottled water from a new, not fully tested, plastic additive which helps remove the plastic taste when stored too long before use.
The chemical ironically is called “Labeidoe” Sulphide. In micro doses, it is really not too much of a problem. The issue was discovered too late when bottles are shipped in temperatures above 90 degrees for more than two hours. A reaction occurs between the chemical and the plastic containers. This reaction releases a mild toxin that acts like a pheromone on steroids. As it would happen, humans are the only beings affected by this toxin.
It was not immediately obvious where the toxin was coming from. It happened in random ways in different parts of the globe. Eventually a stock “boy” from a grocery store in Michigan drank a full bottle of water on an empty stomach. The results were not subtle.
The young man first felt a sharp cramping in his stomach making him feel like he might have the flu. So he ran quickly to a restroom assuming he would throw up as predicted. By the time he reached the toilet stall he noticed another issue. His penis was so hard that it started to tear his underwear, like The Hulk tearing his street clothes. His Johnson was unbelievably hard, to the point of being painful. He also had the strongest urge for sex he could ever imagine. The poor young man though he must be dreaming or losing his mind!
In shock, “Willy” as his peers call him, thought “There is no way I can go back into that store sporting a woody like this.” And not only that, I feel like I want to mount the first female I find! He had no choice. It weirded Willy out, but he knew he had to do something. He needed to release the intense pressure in his crotch. There was no way that hard-on was leaving anytime soon. He didn’t want to be written up for taking too long on his break.
So reluctantly he unzipped his jeans and as he did he discovered his Member bored a hole strait through his thick new underwear and he could swear he was at least a half inch longer or more! The veins on his cock looked like his cock was truly “Hulking Out” as they bulged and pulsated so much he thought they were certainly going to burst at anytime.
It was if he swallowed an entire bottle of Viagra.
Willy quickly gathered his thoughts and timidly reached for his “Willy”. He was amazed at how hard it was to the touch. Like the head of a bongo drum, tighter than he thought even possible. So Willy with an ear to the stall door began his quest to release this pressure in his loins.
Willy thought this will be very quick and easy given his raging hard-on was and his sudden extreme horniness. Much to his dismay, Willy only managed to tire his hands out so much. He thought he may have developed Carpal-Tunnel or something. His hands were actually numb from the strain and still no release or relief came. Willy called the manager from his cell phone in the men’s room. He told him he felt sick and needed to go home right away.
The manager was quite understanding but fearful Willy may have unknowingly infected others in the store as well with whatever “bug” he now had. Willy sped home in record time and rushed through the door in tears, his young wife Suzanne happened to be home and wondered what was happening to her distressed Husband.
She knocked on the bathroom door were Willy quickly hid himself to figure out how to end his misery and his lovely wife after finally hearing the whole story and thinking it was just Vulcan “Pung Far” from the lack of sex recently due to their crazy changing work schedules, she suggested following her to their bedroom so she can help with his “little problem”
When Suzanne saw Willy’s underwear in shreds and his cock looking more like a Marvel comic Phallic device she was concerned, but thought before trying an embarrassing trip to the hospital, they should try a good ol’ fashioned “Home remedy” first. So Suzanne managed to pull Willy’s pants and underwear off with some effort, and then carefully began stroking his incredibly hard and long erection.
She was certain Willy was a full inch bigger in thickness and in length than before and he was not the least bit small before that, in fact his size was a bit of a “sore spot” for them as normal intercourse for that couple has always been a bit painful for her and painful to Willy’s feelings.  But from time to time the loving wife she is plans a night with lots of time for foreplay and makes sure LOTS of lube is on hand, and then eats plenty of yogurt the next couple days to avoid the inevitable and terrible yeast infections.
She continued stroking his somewhat alien looking cock but to no avail, so she in desperation offered Willy a “mouth- job” as she naively called it even though she was quite new to the technique due to her strict upbringing and still a little squeamish about it; but she remembers Willy telling her on their Honeymoon two years before that this is one of his fantasies: to have a wife willing to, and maybe even loving to give him head, even if she could not get herself to actually swallow afterwards..
Willy then somewhat shocked but also very desperate agreed to Suzanne’s kind and compassionate offer. She nervously approached his now quaking member with caution. She had no previous experience putting her mouth on a penis, let alone one this big and scary! Her mouth was as dry as a desert at first from the nerves. Willy coached her to spit on it or get some edible oil, or jam, to help this along. After a long 5 minutes of sucking and stroking Suzanne felt like a failure as a wife. She assumed she was the one doing something wrong.
But something happened after her mouth came into contact with his pre-cum. Unknown to them, the toxin in Willy’s blood stream was present in his semen. Suzanne quickly noticed a slight cramping in her stomach as well as a strong tingling in her vagina. Before she knew it she was saying words she would never dare speak before. Willy thought to himself, “Who is this woman next to me?”
Suzanne began rubbing her now bare pussy violently with both hands trying to deal with the sudden hurricane of horniness. Usually, she would usually cum well before Willy during sex. After another 5 minutes  she still could not make any progress down there.  Down there was in that dark sloppy wet cave where apparently monsters now dwell. They were both frustrated, scared and somewhat in shock. Suzanne had the wild idea to try the one thing they normally avoid if possible, Full vaginal penetration.
Willy who would normally stop and ask her if she was sure. He knew his hung like a horse stature and her petite kitten vagina were not the best stall mates. But Suzanne did not think twice about it. She roughly pushed Willy onto the bed. And for the first time, climbed on top of him and began to ride him like an F’ing bronco.
Much to her surprise there was zero pain down there. Instead, she felt almost that Willy could even be another inch or so bigger! Her pussy had swelled so much that she could have had a baby with virtually no pain she thought. She was so dripping wet that the sheets were totally soaked where they laid. Willy could not believe his young country raised, Baptist wife. She was yelling, swearing, and riding him harder than a porn star about to get canned.
About 10 minutes passed before both of them started to feel a rising orgasm welling up. Within a minute they both screamed in joy as they simultaneously experienced the most intense orgasm they ever had. Or even thought possible!
Suzanne slid off Willy’s limp torpedo, and noticed a river of cum and pussy juice pouring out of her. Right onto their new bed! They quickly cleaned it up as fast as they could before any real damage was done. Then looked at each other wondering what in the world did they just experience.
Suzanne noticed she was not sore one bit that night or even the following morning. This was a nice surprise, and she was not complaining!
Willy noticed his other willy hung noticeably lower the next morning and was was still somewhat swollen looking. He wondered if this could last as he was more of a “grower” and not a “shower”. Unlike others in the Hockey showers he noticed through the years. He was partly proud of how large his erections were. But he was always jealous of those who displayed more real estate when not aroused. Typically, people tend to think that what you see is what you are always. In fact Willy would rather be smaller when erect just to be larger when flaccid. He cannot wait till he gets to the shower room again, if this phenomenon is not temporary.
Willy was relieved to be over his painful ordeal as was his loving wife. She wonders if she should feel guilty for what went down the night before.
Little did they know the reason normal sex stopped the emergency was not the amount of pleasure. Rather, it was the hormones in their body fluids acted as an antidote.
end of chapter one.

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