My first time having public sex with a beautiful booty Latina

Look at that big booty. I thought to myself. I love big booty bitches. We were standing on the overpass, and she was showing her big booty proudly to everyone. She was wearing just a green bikini and a pair of sneakers. She was twerking to the cars under us. She was trying to twerk to impress me. Damn, those nipples are hard. I am so hard, but I had never had sex in public before she changed that. The thing she did not know was that I carry my rocket launcher everywhere with me. We went to an alley, and I pulled out my pride. She started sucking it. Damn, she is crazy. She knows that she is good. I had never had such a nice cool refreshing blowjob. She was giving me a hard time. The sexiest Latina babe was gagging on my massive black cock, and I could not keep my face straight. It was a long time ago since my cock was being sucked that good. It was enough. It was my time to put my massive black schlong into her love tube. I took off her denim shorts and pulled her green bikini to the side so I could enter. Since it was my first time fucking a bitch in public, I was being careful. There were people there, but most turned away, unsure of what they were witnessing. She said she wanted my cock in her ass so she could have the ultimate orgasm. Who am I to deny a woman in need. I quickly rubbed my cock in her pussy juice and started working my head in to her ass. What a sight this was! Luckily, we had that yoga mat, so I put her on all her fours to bang her ass in a doggy style. My massive cock tore her ass apart. At some point, she started shouting ‘Viva Cuba’






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