Out of this world forbidden sex between stepdaughter and stepfather

Bailey is at an age where she is horny all the time. Her pussy is so hungry that the teen girl has to masturbate a few tines per day. Her poor stepfather has caught her playing with her pussy in the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room! She can’t seem to stop playing with her sweet little young pussy. She tells him how sorry she is and that she can’t help herself. When her stepfather sits down to discuss the problem with her, she tells him she has never seen a penis in person. Being the caring stepfather that he is, he asks if she would like to see his. The little nympho says that she would and could she play with her pussy while she looks at it. He has his pants partway pulled down, allowing his virgin stepdaughter to see his super long and thick meat rod standing firmly at attention in the air. She has her legs spread wide open as well for her stepdad to see everything clearly. The sight of his dick is so arousing to the virgin girl that she can’t help but shove her fingers deep inside her pussy. Her lovely digits pump in and out of her tight vaginal canal like pistons. She is relentless with herself, and it’s a sight to see. It’s so arousing, in fact, that even the stepdad can’t keep his cool, and it’s now his turn to touch himself. He’s slowly rubbing up and down his magnificent shift, trying to get himself nice, hard, and ready for the pure sexual bliss they are both about to experience. He just can’t keep his eyes off of her fingering herself, just as she can’t keep her eyes off of his glorious cock. The stepdaughter and stepfather keep masturbating in front of each other.


The heat is soon too much to bear, and the girl just has to lean over and put this awesome cock into her mouth. She shoves his massive length into her tight mouth and enjoys the thickness of it. This is the first time she has ever had a cock in her mouth and she loves it. It also looks like she’s found her calling in life, to suck her stepfather’s cock for all that it’s worth for all eternity if possible. She inhales his glorious length and enjoys the way her throat starts to morph into his shape. She feels herself starting to get addicted to the salty taste and the magnificent masculine musk that hangs all around his dick. Then the horny virgin gets on top of him and gently spreads her pussy lips allowing him to slip his dick between her labia. She begins rubbing the shaft of his dick in on her virgin pussy and getting all her juices on his dick while urging him to put it inside her pussy. She just can’t wait to really take the magnificent dick of her stepfather. Their juices have combined as he dips the head of his dick into her innocent pussy. They switch positions to where his naked stepdaughter is on her back and keep her legs locked high in the air with her arms. He plunges his length inside of her hard and fast right from the start, showing her no mercy at all. He treats her like the little slut that she really is, and she loves every second of it. His hips keep slamming down into her. The position really accentuates the power imbalance that is between them, but all it does is make things even hotter and more arousing for them. She has never seen semen spurting out and wants to experience his ejaculation. He tells her to get on her knees, open her mouth and suck it a little bit. Soon his throbbing erection starts squirting the milky white solution all over her surprised face. Licking her lips with her tongue she says, “Eeww gross, what is this? It this semen?” He says, “Yes.” It’s nice to see how family helps and supports each other.






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