Beautiful college girl rewards her boyfriend with baseball and anal

Being the good GF that she is, Hazel makes sure to keep her man happy. Since she knows he loves baseball, she decides to pick out the cutest outfit imaginable to play with him before leading him indoors to have some fun. His huge cock was quickly engulfed in her sweet mouth. The feeling of having her lips and tongue sliding up and down on his cock was indescribable. She removed her mouth from his cock and danced her tongue teasingly under the sensitive head. Despite being petite and having a small mouth, she made sure to lick every inch of his dick. This is a woman’s true position of power. If she is really good at sucking a man’s cock, she can get him to do anything. As this sexy college girl pushes him back onto the bed, she begins slowly sliding off her cute skirt, only to reveal another surprise, a butt plug. Seeing her tight little pussy starting to get wet was too much for her boyfriend to handle, so he gently put her on the sofa and spread her legs. Within minutes of licking her pink twat, her tight asshole started to pulsate, so he switched over and lubed it up with his tongue.


He continued to lick her from pussy to ass, while fingering her anus furiously and she was getting worked into a frenzy. After oral foreplay the sexy naked girl finally laid on her back, spread her slender legs wide open, and watched as he slowly shoved his huge cock deep inside her already quivering pussy. It didn’t take long before Hazel’s tight fanny began to shiver, but before making her cum he pulled out and slowly thrust himself into her juicy ass! Seeing her mouth open wide as she was taking it up her beautiful butt was too much for him to handle, so he turned her around and spiced things up with doggy style. Now that he’s plowing her cute little ass from behind, he can be as rough as he wants without worrying about nutting too soon. This only made the college girl moan louder, and as soon as she achieved her first orgasm, her body started to shake from the excitement. Although her BF wanted to catch his breath from the intense backshots, Hazel had a different plan. As she threw him onto the couch, she quickly straddled him while constantly maintaining eye contact and seductively rubbed her clit across his shaft. The moment she slid it in her bum, she began gyrating with all of her strength while her man was trying his best not to fill her up. Being on top and in control gives her the chance to tease him and be as rough as she wants. Once she started bouncing, she felt his thick rod starting to pulsate, so she sped up with pure lust in her eyes for as long as she had the energy to do so. The second she stopped, he pulled out and began stroking his meat whilst Hazel crawled towards him to feel his load on her face.






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