Jordi loves pranking his stepmom and having fun with her in the bedroom

Massive milk cans on the display in a white bra. Stepmom is washing Jordi’s dishes, and while stepmom’s huge boobs keep on bouncing, Jordi keeps on spying. He adores those massive juggs. When she was finished with the dishwashing, she went to her room, and she saw that the little pervert was playing with her dildos. He is trying to prank her. Jordi hid himself, and she is trying to find him. Suddenly he pops out of the closet and surprises her with his cock poking out his shorts! She decides her pervy stepson needs a lesson, so she grabs his penis and starts sucking it hard. She notices that Jordi likes getting his dick suck too much. All the veins on his cock are visible. His massive dick is unbelievably hard. The MILFy stepmom starts gagging and deep-throating on that young hard cock. Then the beautiful busty mommy gets on all fours with her big bubble ass high in the air “Am I totally naughty for showing my pussy to my stepson?” she asks, smiling a bit. “Please sweety stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me please sweety do it for mommy,” she begs him, spreading her ass cheeks with both hands. Jordi is banging his mum from behind, doggy style. In his porno he never seen a woman scream so loud. “Please sweety faster, fuck me faster please!” she screams as her eyes glaze over with pure lust and she pushes herself hard back onto his cock. He obliges his mommy and starts to rock faster in and out of her pussy. Her back arches and her pussy squeezes so tight on his cock. The horny mommy pushes him onto his back and standing directly in front of him with her legs spread so he could see her juicy cunt, she asks, “Do you want to lick my pussy clean?”. He shivers as he thinks about his gorgeous stepmom with her magnificent thighs spread and him licking her swollen lips and pussy clean. Her juices dripping from her vagina and coating his nose. She keeps rubbing her meaty clit and grinding her labia all over his face. Her huge milk cans are finally on display. They start bouncing up and down as soon as she lands herself on Jordi’s cock. This time she gives him her ass. The guy has never had anal sex before, just seen it in porno. From all the hard pounding, the bed might break. “Oh fuck mommy I am getting so close,” “It is ok sweety cum in mommy’s mouth,” she screams. Rope after rope of hot thick cum squirts deep down her throat. The mommy just keeps on sucking his throbbing cock as his cum flow down her throat. “Mmm sweety that tasted good. What a desert.” She says as she swooshes his sticky cum around in her mouth.






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