Short term rental hostess has a secret kink nobody knows about

It starts with our short-term rental hostess getting absolutely rimmed from behind by a very handsome and very well-endowed guy. Her bubbly ass cheeks jiggle and shake with each of the man’s long and deep thrusts. Each of his thrusts penetrates deep into her pussy deep enough that she can’t help but let her satisfaction be known by letting out beautiful moans that do nothing but encourage the man to go even harder and faster into her. She lies down flat on the bed, her gorgeous tits pressing into the fine mattress hard. As the man thrusts into her, the blonde’s body moves across the bed, causing her rock-hard nipples to rub into the sheets wonderfully. To spice things up a bit, the man soon starts spanking her beautiful bubble butt. He is painting her pale ass cheeks a gorgeous pink, and with each strike, the color gets darker and darker. The sound of smacking flesh doubles from both the strikes of his hand and from the incessant thrusting of his hips against her pillowy ass cheeks. Every time he thrusts her, pleasure gets her closer and closer to the inevitable climax at the end. She uses every opportunity where she doesn’t moan to encourage her man and get him to fuck her in just the best way possible, shouting commands and pleas to maximize her pleasure. They don’t just stay in doggy style forever, though, and soon move to a different position. She flips over onto her back and spreads her legs wide open, allowing unrestricted access to her nether regions and her deepest parts. He slams himself into her again and again, the new angle hitting new and wonderful spots inside of her pussy. She climbs on top of him, sitting upright, gyrating on top of him so he can admire her, gather up her soft breasts in his hands, or seize her by the hips and manipulate her as he stirs her insides with his cock. And it’s not a long time before they both can’t hold it in any longer, and they cum together. She is cumming all over his cock and he squirts his hot sperm all over her beautiful big tits.






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