Submissive naked girl gets used relentlessly in a rough anal foursome

Ever since she’s been hired by the incredibly rich employer, Emma has obeyed all of his orders no matter how raunchy they get. Her task today is for her naked body to be used as a table for when his friends arrive, and she has no objections to it whatsoever. As the glass plate weighs down on her back, the three guys take turns observing her luscious body. Soon, she unzips their pants and begins sucking on their cocks with joy. She looks at them with pure lust in her eyes since she knows what’s in store for her. Without wasting a moment, the guys strip down and facefuck her relentlessly whilst making sure her tight holes get fingered and prepared for a rough foursome. Once her throat is fully stretched, the busty blonde excitedly jumps on top to show off her riding skills while continuing to suck on their throbbing cocks. Her mouth is going from one cock to the other, she loves her job. Once her legs give out, they bend her ass over and begin pummeling her in doggy style, which soon turns into anal and double penetration. She is being sandwiched between two guys like a submissive slut. She feels the delightful pleasure of feeling two cocks in her ass and her pussy while the third cock is in her mouth. No matter how hard they’re pounding her, the sexy naked girl doesn’t stop moaning from excitement. Being choked and spanked whilst having all of her holes penetrated without mercy quickly makes her sweet fanny shiver as she has an intense orgasm. Despite being exhausted, she lets the perverted men use her curvy, petite figure for as long as they want, and as a reward, they let her taste their thick loads. There’s no greater apex for a woman, than being a slut to three men, feeling their cocks in all her holes, making them cum in turn for her.






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