Fair is Fair

I woke up yesterday morning with an attitude that I wanted to use to my own advantage.  I turned towards my wife and said, “Lucy, our times of having sex are not fair!  We need to get something sorted out!”

Lucy knew I was up to something, and she is always ready for any game that I come up with.  “What is upsetting you my dear husband?” she said tongue-in-cheek.

I responded, “Every time we make love, you cum at least 4 or 5 times and sometimes even up to 10 times.  I only cum once and then it is all over!”

“OK, Maxx, what can I do to fix that?”

“We are not working today, and we have no appointments.  You need to make me cum at least three times today.  But that is not all.   Every time that you make me cum you need to make yourself cum as well!”

Her immediate response was, “GAME ON!!!  Pass me my vibrator.  It is in your bedside drawer.  And don’t forget the coconut oil.  We are both going to need some good lubrication today.”

I was pleasantly surprised.  I did not expect such an immediate and positive reaction.

Lucy took the vibrator and very slowly started putting the oil on it.  But she did not just ‘put it on’, she was handling it as if it was a cock. Her full focus was on the toy and just the way she was doing it had me hard before she even touched me.  Because it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere, we both sleep naked. She kicked the duvet off of us, and looked at my hard cock.

She said, “That monster will have to watch and wait because I need to show you how I cum before I can give you what you have asked for.  Now turn your body around so that your head is at my feet.  I want you to watch as I plunge this thing into my pussy.”

I was a very obedient lover and did exactly as instructed.  Lucy was ready to perform, and it was very evident she was planning to enjoy herself.  As she opened her legs, her clit was standing out like a small cock, and she was very wet.  She put the vibrator at the entrance to her pussy, switched it on, and very slowly pushed it into herself.  She was watching my face to see my reactions.  The part that was designed for clit stimulation was buzzing and as it touched her clit she started shaking.

“Watch me! See how my pussy is dripping already.  Watch how my clit is pulsing.  Oh fuck! it feels so good.  No!  Do not touch your cock.  It is my job today.  I am so close to cumming already.

“Quick, come and stand next to me and put your cock in my mouth.  I want to suck you and taste you and I want to drink your cum.  Just put the head in my mouth and don’t try to thrust.  I want to suck you like a lollypop.”

I stood next to her, she turned her head and took my cock in her mouth and then she had her first shaking orgasm.  She kept on sucking me as she started fucking her pussy with the toy to reach her next orgasm.  It was exquisite.  My cock was on fire and her enjoyment as she was moving to the next orgasm, was stunning.  Her tongue was moving in circles around my cock-head while she was sucking it like an actual lollipop.

Her next orgasm hit her like a freight train, and she pulled away from my cock and uttered obscenities. She heard from my own response that I was cumming.  Lucy immediately tried to get her mouth back around my cock, with partial success. The first spurt hit her chin before she had me back in her mouth, and then I filled her mouth with my load of cum.   She kept me in her mouth and kept on sucking very softly as she swallowed every drop that I had to offer.

1 Down – 2 to go!

As mentioned earlier, it is quite warm where we live.  I was only wearing a pair of shorts as I was standing and washing some dishes.  Lucy walked in, stood behind me and the next moment she pulled my pants all the way down to the floor.  I stepped out of them.  She tapped the insides of my feet with hers to get me to open my legs.  I had no idea what she was planning. She sat down on the floor, turned around and moved herself so that her back rested against the cupboard door in front of me.

“Carry on with your dishes.  I have work to do,” she said.

She then took my cock into her mouth. I tried my best to focus on the dishes, but without much success. The buzzing sound of her little clit-vibrator was evident as she started pleasing herself.  I was having the time of my life and my pleasure just increased as I heard her starting to whimper like a little baby as her orgasms started overtaking her.

She was focusing on the rim of my cock head, where I am very sensitive. She was slowly moving her tongue in circles around it.   Her one hand was scratching my balls that just increased all the sensations to the Maxx. (Pun intended) She could hear from the sounds coming from my mouth that I was very close to cumming, and I started to withdraw from her mouth, but she immediately put her free hand on my bum and pushed me forward.  She wanted me to cum in her mouth again.

When Lucy has an orgasm, she is usually very loud and expressive, but she kept my cock deep in her mouth and the only sounds that she could make were her whimpering.  And then I exploded down her throat.  After having the earlier orgasm, I was shocked at the amount of cum that I was giving my lover.  She sucked and swallowed until I stopped cumming.  The entire time she was still having a continuous orgasm.  We remained naked for the next two hours.  Touching and enjoying our naked bodies.

2 Down – 1 to go!

At this stage I was so satisfied that I truly did not expect “number 3” to become a reality, but Lucy had other plans that I was unaware of.  She came to me and said, “I want us to go down to the Sportswear shop.  I want to buy you a new bathing costume.  Yours really looks old and outdated.”  I just thought that she was being nice to me, so we took our car, went down to the shop, and started looking for the bathing costume that she had in mind.  She selected three different ones and then we headed for the dressing rooms.

It was holiday season, and the shop was packed and quite noisy.  Just perfect for what she had in mind.  As we stepped into the dressing room, Lucy said, “Take of all your clothes.  I really want to see what you are going to look like in your new bathing costume.”

Unaware of what she was planning, I took my clothes off and turned my back to her to hang it on the hook behind the door.  As I turned back to take the bathing costume from her, I was pleasantly surprised.

Lucy came well prepared.  She was not wearing a panty and as I turned around to face her, she was sitting spread legged, her dress pulled up and her pussy open and bare just for my personal attention. We have limited time, and you are now going to suck and lick and bite my little clit and make me cum.  You will see that it is expecting you and that is why it is so swollen.  It needs your urgent attention. And then, when you have satisfied me, I will show you what I have in mind.  I just hope I can cum without screaming and having people rushing in to come and save me from the pervert that forced me into the dressing room.”

She put her fingers on both side of her pussy and opened it up in such a way that her clit was standing out like a little cock.  Falling to my knees, I buried my face in her sweetness.  I love the taste of my wife and she was so excited that there was a sweet aroma, cumming from her pussy, hanging in the air  I love that smell.   I sucked and licked her and soon her breathing was signaling her approaching orgasm.  She was trying so hard not to make any noise and through clenched teeth she whispered, “Bite me.  Of fuck! Bite my clit!”  I bit her very softly and she groaned as she came but kept the sound down.  Her entire body was shaking as she fell back against the wall.

“Are you OK?” came from the dressing room next to us.  Lucy’s response, “I’m OK.  Thanks for asking.  Just some hay fever that is bugging me!”  (Then we heard the husband saying to his wife, “I think they are fucking!  I want to try it as well.”  His wife’s response, “You are mad. This is not the place for it.  They should be ashamed.”)

Lucy whispered, “Now get you cock inside my pussy and fuck me.  I am so ready for you.”

She stood up, bent over, and waited for me to enter her.  When her head started banging against the wall as I was ramming her, the lady next door shouted, “Cut that out.  You have no decency.  Jack, let’s get out of here!  They are perverts!”   We heard the door slam and then we really fucked!  Lucy’s hand was between her legs, rubbing her clit at a blinding speed and then she lost control and so did I.  She could not hold back her feelings and just let out a long “fuuuuuck!” and I grunted like a wounded animal as I filled her pussy with my cum.

As we left the dressing room a few minutes later we had quite an audience that started clapping their hands in an awesome display of admiration.  Lucy blushed and I smiled.

Three in one day!   Excellent!!


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