A unique fuck-training for two upcoming beauty pageant contestants

Delilah and Jane have been best friends for a long time and they are used to doing everything together. The same thing was with this beauty pageant – they both applied at the same time and decided to prepare together. Among other things, the girls had to work on their bodies and workout regularly. Also, yoga and stretching were an important part of the preparation. Luckily they had a great coach who knew how to help these beauty pageant girls. So he would put them one next to the other on a mat and help them stretch while also releasing their bodies by stripping all those tight workout clothes. Also, he rubbed their pussies and asses to help them relax and release all that negative energy and the pressure building up before the competition. When both naked girls would get on all fours to do some exercises he would finger them both at the same time, slowly and gently, to make them feel good. And they could feel all the benefits of that approach because they were feeling better every time they worked out with him. In order to practice multitasking, when the girls were editing and selecting the best photos from their phones, they would also get on their knees and suck his big cock.


Sometimes they were intertwining their tongues around it, and sometimes they would take turns choking on it. Sometimes they would try and talk while he would push the cock inside their mouth. The more complicated part would be answering complicated questions that they will be asked in the competition while also getting rammed from behind by him. Then the other one would answer a different question in the same way. Another task that involves both of the girls at the same time is one where one of them would answer the question while being distracted by sitting on the other girl’s face and being licked by her. The one who is doing the licking is also getting fucked by the tutor that is asking the question. So everyone is doing their part for the training. Then the naked girls would switch. Sometimes he would also suck on the nipples of the one answering as to distract her and get her hornier. In time they figured out they could also ask each other questions, not just have him read them off of a card. So one would lie and be fingered by the tutor while asking the question. The other one would be jumping on his dick while answering the question. If she got the question right, the one that was being fingered would get on her knees and suck his balls while the other one was still on his dick. That would make him cum and that meant that the training is over for that day.






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