Turning my daughter’s lesbian girlfriend into a cocksucker

Mick was waiting for Lily, his daughter’s girlfriend, to go to the bathroom so he could enjoy looking at her big curves. This girl with pink hair didn’t resist when he started kissing her huge tits that fell freely. With great pleasure, he began to kiss her stiff nipples. Her tits were bigger than his head, and Lily knew for a fact that he adored girls with big breasts. He buried his head between her breasts, feeling the warmth of her skin. His cock was throbbing hard, and he didn’t waste a moment. He told his stepdaughter’s girlfriend to kneel down and began to fuck her between the breasts with his big penis. He gently slid between her large melons, rubbing his balls against her tits. She was looking at him whorefully and directly in the eyes with a devilish smile. He fucked her tits like that for a few moments, and now he was ready to enter her holes. Lily got horny and was abnormally wet. She didn’t wait a moment and immediately rode the DILF while he was lying on the floor. The hot naked babe began slamming herself hard down onto his cock. The real thing was so much better than all their lesbian’s toys. Even her girlfriend’s tongue couldn’t be compared with a real dick. While thrusting on his cock, she began to caress her clit with her fingers.


Her whole body began to shake from the intense orgasm she was experiencing. Mick didn’t waste a moment and immediately started fucking her in the face while she stroked her cunt. Like a real slut, she started giving a sloppy blowjob, not letting Mickey get down on his cock. Their foreplay was interrupted by Lila’s girlfriend, who had no idea that her love was fucking with her father. When she came out, the old pervert got out of the shower and proceeded to penetrate his daughter’s girlfriend. He leaned her from behind and started to forcefully enter her while holding her thighs. She started begging him to fuck her harder and faster and that she wanted to feel his sperm in her hole. She started to dirty-talk him while he slapped her big ass. He decided to change the pose. He laid down on the floor and told her to ride him in a reverse cowgirl position. This way, he had full access to her wet hole and began to quickly fuck her. The pleasure was so intense, that she just couldn’t help squirting hard. She came several times in a row and no longer had the strength to even move. But horny Mick wanted to play with her wet hole some more. He put her in a cowgirl position and kept fucking her, squeezing her big tits with both hands. Kissing her big tits and holding her ass, Lily completely surrendered to him, enjoying how he satisfied her. When he felt that he was going to cum, he told her to come and suck his dick. She had missed the taste of real sperm so much!






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