Two teen lesbians are eagerly awaiting an unforgettable sexual adventure

Clea and the Geisha took every opportunity to enjoy sexual games whenever they had the time. These two teen lesbians would much rather fool around than work. While their boss faced away from them, the sweet Geisha got under the table, pulled her female lover’s panties to the side and began kissing with her pussy lips. After their boss caught the girls licking pussies, she separated them… but not for long! The genuine amazement came when they were in the bathroom. There, alone, they were ready to experience incredible orgasms. The lesbians moved to the sofa and started rubbing their genitals against each other while fondling large breasts. Their manager walked in and caught them sticking together due to applying what they thought was lubricant, but it turned out to be glue! Nonetheless, the girls were left alone again, and little Geisha raised her leg high up in the air, allowing Clea better access to her wet flower. The sweet girls eagerly licked their pussies, bringing each other to intense orgasms. Once more, the naked girls began grinding their clits against each other, teasing one another relentlessly until nothing else mattered except reaching climaxes. Positioning themselves into a 69 meant that squirting would soon commence. As Geisha flickered Clea’s clitoris with delicate flicks of her tongue, she intensely ignited her girlfriend. Loud moans could be heard coming from the restroom. Their tireless tongues did not stop for even a moment. Quick on her feet, Geisha stood up once more and sat back down on her partner’s pussy. She began gyrating and thrusting herself forward while being slapped playfully by Clea on her small buttocks. Increasing their speed continuously, both girls reached peak intensity and experienced powerful orgasms. Indeed, this adventure proved quite pleasurable, leaving no doubt about repeating such a naughty game in days to come. Taking advantage of brief moments during working hours can turn out to be the perfect way to boost efficiency.






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