Standing In Heaven

We were staying with my wife’s parents, visiting on vacation. While visiting her family, catching up, people in and out of the house, eating, playing games, and all. It was beginning to look like a long week without sex.

My wife and I were over at her sister’s, and her husbands, apartment visiting. Before we were married we hung out with them quite a bit. Playing cards, board games, and what not. My sister-in-law and her husband had a tanning bed. The husband was out for the evening. It was just the three of us this night.

It was a late summer evening, but not too hot. SIL had made it known she was going to tan after dinner. We decided we would stay and take in the peace and quiet, while she tanned, and possibly play cards, later, if BIL came home.

We cleaned up after dinner. The living room was dark with just the TV on. I sat down in a chair, ready to relax. The ladies finished up and parted ways. My wife to the couch beside me, and SIL to the bedroom with the tanning bed.

All alone, I asked my wife if she wanted to go out on the balcony. As many times as we had been there, we had never enjoyed the balcony. It really wasn’t inviting to do any partying on, but it had just enough room that three or four people would fit. My wife said she wanted to. Wondering if it was safe, since we’d never been asked out there before.

We stepped out and closed the sliding glass door behind us. We took in the moonlit night. It was a little breezy. We were on the back side that faced the woods. Immediately below us we could see porch lights showing on the mowed grass, lining the side of the building. Not all lights were on, including ours. A few doors down we heard people talking and laughing, but not close enough to hear what they were saying.

My wife was standing, leaning against the rail, looking out over the landscaping when I moved up behind her. I squeezed up against her as I moved her hair away and started kissing her neck. Varying slight small kisses to heavier lingering tastings of her skin. I ran my hands down her arms and placed her hands on the rail. I put my larger hands over hers. Just holding them there, my fingers between hers. I kept kissing. Tasting. The back of her neck, her shoulder, the side of her neck, her ear.

She began moving her head to give me more access. She savored our exchange, her offering her skin, my partaking of it. Soft little hums, and nice approving groans would sound out in the night air.

One of my hands found her breast. The  other found that nice little Y. She leaned back into me and our faces turned to meet. Our tongues touched in open mouths. Pulling up her shirt while undoing her jeans, our breath became heavy. Her zipper parted as I felt over her panties. We kissed deeper, and her hand held the back of my head.

Her other hand came to cradle my face as she twisted her body to face me. Now, under her panties, precious labia in my hand, she moaned into my mouth. My other hand pulling down jeans & panties over her hips.

Now she was undoing my jeans, her hand jumping right to my hard dick. Five fingers wrapped around my cock as the other opened my jeans and positioned my undies up under my balls.

She stepped back. Our mouths parted. She pulled her jeans & panties down & stepped out of one leg of them, and then stepped back to me. I love the picture of her bottomless in a shirt! My dick raged to be buried in her! Both of us were all out and exposed to the night air.

She raised her leg up to my hip and not even thinking, I picked her up into my arms. We kissed as she sat in my hands, and I could feel everything! I was standing up, in heaven! I walked us over to the wall. My fingers found every hole. I pressed her up against the wall as she hiked her legs up higher. My cock was feeling all of her as my fingers and she, herself, moved.

I used the wall to hold her as I brought one hand, then the other, around to go between us. My arms under her legs. Her knees cradled in my elbows.

I stepped off the wall and shoved my cock all the way up in her! I slid up in her soaking pussy, and she let out a heavy, breathy ohhh! She ground on me and I pushed up into her. She held herself up, hands clasped around my neck. Breathing and thrusting in rhythm. We didn’t care about being in the middle between the open night air and a curtain drawn open sliding glass door. This was our world now.

She stopped grinding and I just took over! Pounding into her deep as I could, my arms and hips working on her together.  The tip of my dick was starting to spark!

I kept slamming into her, and she began to stiffen! She started trembling, and my orgasm started to mount up! She let go into a shaking orgasm. I blew up in her! Just after she started to cum, I came! We rode each other through spasm after spasm. We held eye contact. Heaving. Breathless in the night. Tingling sparks turned into a lightning storm between us. We both quivered as the intensity washed away. Finally, cumming to an end. Me buried deep inside her & her clinging to me sitting in my arms.

We carefully detached from one another. She stepped back into her panties & jeans. They never fell off the other leg. She said she did that just incase we got caught & she had to get back into them quickly.

We both zipped up and went back in the apartment. As far as we know, no one ever knew we were out there.

My wife says that was one of our most memorable times.


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