A Few Private Moments

[Prelude – I can’t remember what exactly inspired me to explore prostate stimulation. It was, however, a long time ago that curiosity prevailed. I initially struggled with the stigma, but I came to accept that God created the male body with the capability of pleasure in this way. And since He did, then there must be a safe way to enjoy this without shame or guilt, without being submissive, (very important for me), or effeminate, and without having  predispositions or personal struggles with Romans 1:27. I understand, though, if this isn’t your thing. All my best – KM]

My agenda was simple. First the vegetable aisle, then the pharmacy. Browsing the selection of appropriately shaped produce, I used my hand to measure a few until I came across a befitting candidate. Maybe a little on the larger side, but that would be okay. A quick trip to the pharmacy, and I was set. Excited about what awaited me, I drove the few miles home.

Upon arriving, I quietly thanked God for the girls night that would give me some privacy and settled under the warm spray of the shower to begin my cleaning ritual. The main focus was the deep crevice between my cheeks, and after my soapy fingers did their job, I couldn’t resist a little exploration. The gentle intrusion felt good, but tonight was intended to be one of rare indulgence.

Squeaky clean, I moved to the bedroom and got comfortable on a couple of thick towels. Preparation is everything, and once my new friend and I were properly lubed, I began.

There was some initial resistance, but slow and easy pressure did the trick. I felt really full, but after allowing my body a few minutes to adjust, the pleasure built from the inside and I began to thrust.
I moved it slowly at first, but as the delightful sensations increased, so did my pace. My cock swelled and drooled while moans escaped my mouth, and I allowed a fantasy to build in my mind.

“Your cock is dripping Baby,” she said as her dainty hand moved the makeshift phallus in and out. “I want it in my mouth.”
Never one to deny her gifted lips, I nodded my assent, then guided her thighs to either side of my head. As her tongue swirled around my purple head, I placed my hands on her cheeks and pulled her wet lips to mine. The taste and smell of her filled my mind, as did the sensations of her warm, wet mouth. We both moaned in ecstasy as our mouths bathed each other in an erotic oral dance.

A strong jolt emanating from the head of my cock shook my mind from the fantasy and I became very aware of the moment. My left hand was drenched with precum and waves of extreme pleasure from deep within now had all my attention. The moments leading up to an ejaculation, where everything else leaves the mind are particularly enjoyable for me, and the need created by my double assault brought my all of my focus to finishing.

I squirmed on the mattress caring about nothing but my orgasm. When it hit, I planted both feet on the mattress and thrust my hips straight up. This pointed my dick at my face and my first eruption sent wet, sticky cream my chin. The remaining spasms coated my belly and chest, leaving me in definite need of another shower.

I dropped to the mattress and let the minutes pass while I lay smiling in a contented afterglow. I idly played with my softening and creamy cock and made small, mini-thrusts with the well used vegetable to draw out the pleasure as long as I could.
I knew I had to clean up, but still feeling full, I wondered what I’d do the next time I had a few private moments.

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