She loved how her stepbrother offered to show her everything he knew about sex

Sexual education is important in young people’s lives. Some are taught by their parents, some are taught in school, and some learn everything about sex from books or even TV shows or movies. Porn films are always helpful, but they are not always available for underaged teens. However, not everyone is lucky enough to learn about sex from an older brother. This skinny blonde girl was that one lucky bitch. Her brother spied on her, masturbating her tight bald pussy. She did not know how packed he was and that he was also jerking off while watching her. He took the opportunity, walked into her room, and offered her some help. She was stunned, but even though she had a boyfriend, she wanted to learn to please her boyfriend better. The teens started by kissing in every room of their house. He asked her if she trusted her big bro. She did, she trusted him with all her body. He moved her shorts aside, and her tight and pink pussy popped out. He was squeezing her small boob with one hand, and with the other hand, he was rubbing her lovely cunt. He started rubbing her pussy harder and kissing and biting her breast. She complimented him that he was really good at what he was doing to her. This blonde teen almost came just by rubbing her sensitive pussy. Not only that he taught her how to kiss, but he also showed her how a man should go down on her. He was licking and playing with her tasty innocent little pussy like he never had any toys. His stepsis mentioned to him that she had never done that before and he took her panties off and started pleasing her virgin pussy even more.


After some time, he took out his cock and taught her how she should suck a massive schlong. She had never sucked a cock before, only jerked off her boyfriend and her steobrother wanted her to enjoy the experience. She was playing and squeezing his balls while that dick was in her mouth. It was her first time and she tried her best to make him feel good. Some things needed not to be mentioned, and she was a natural because she understood what she needed to do. She was kissing the head of his cock, licking his balls and sucking him. She wanted her brother’s approval, and that is why she was looking him straight into his eyes. He lined his hot throbbing cock up with her virgin pussy and the moment his cock head made contact with her she realized she was about to get fucked by a man! The most important moment in every woman’s life! He pulled himself off of her for a second grabbing her by the waist and entered her tight pussy again. The moment his cock slid inside her pussy felt incredible. He grabbed her ass squeezing it in his hands making her yell out in pleasure. Then he placed her on his cock in a cowgirl position so she could jump on it like on a trampoline. She is still his younger sister so she needs to have some fun while getting the opportunity to learn. He explained to her why she needed to caress her boyfriend’s balls all the time even when they were doing the doggy style. She smiled at him and rolled over sticking her ass in the air and giving him easy access to her pussy as he reentered her from behind giving him a better angle. His stepsister mentioned she had never seen a man ejaculate and wanted him to do it in her palm. Blobs of whitish creamy fluid spurted out of his cock. She had never seen sperm before. Now she not only saw but smelt and licked it.






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