A New Sexual Discovery

Though my wife and I have been married for 32 years, our sex life has moved in fits and starts. Recently, has taken a turn for the better. Much better. Tonight is a good example of that.

I sent her a couple suggestive videos throughout the day. She came home to me finishing up our stir fry wearing only a pair of sexy underwear. With that backdrop leaving little doubt on the direction of the evening, just some uncertainty on how we’d get there. I had my hopes set on something.

After dinner, she changed into a birdcage bra (a regular bra with extra straps above the regular cup). For reasons unknown, I find most exciting and arousing. She added a plunging shirt, still covering most of her breast. I have been telling her about intrigue. Not only about now, but what might be, and how exciting that can be. This definitely fit the bill.

We started out in the living room and spent equal time kissing and me admiring her body. For the longest time if I looked at her body sexually, it was followed by a good dose of shame. That wasn’t good for us or our sex life. Part of that comes from her upbringing and part of that comes from her body image issues. I often compliment her body in the hopes she can start to see her body as the gift it is.

Tonight, as I looked at her body in admiration, she now has no problem letting me do that.  She says she even enjoys watching me look at her. I repositioned us so I could more easily take in her visually stimulating breast. It wasn’t just about her breast and we also spent equal times talking, kissing, and caressing each other’s body. She stated that I was in charge this evening, and I had hopes of expanding our sexual territory. The living room would not do, so we headed to the bedroom.

Eventually, she lost her shirt, bra, and pants. I could now take in her whole body. I told her I had cleaned and trimmed and ask her for some oral sex. This is something we are still exploring and she is still learning.  Tonight was the best she had ever done, and she gave me much pleasure. After doing this for a while, she shifted and placed my cock between her tits. This is one of my favorite ways to orgasm. I let her stroke me for a short while and felt tempted to let it continue. But I had other plans. She resisted as I began to push her off. I reminded her she said I was in charge and she reluctantly rolled off.

I got some lube, lubed her clit, vulva and vagina and got one of her favorite vibrators. Vibes  are only a recent addition to our sex life, probably in the last two years. I laid beside her and worked her clit and slit the way she likes,  bringing her pleasure. As I sensed her building to climax,  I moved between her legs.

I put a pillow under her hips and continued to work her clit. I then slid my cock into her vagina. She let out an, “Oh jeez!” expressing a pleasure that she had never experienced before. This evening, she was vocalizing with moans and groans. This was something she seldom did.

I asked her to take the vibrator so she could direct it to her ultimate pleasure. She rejected it and that did not surprise me. Self pleasure has not been in her vocabulary.  I took the vibe back and continue to work her vulva. Soon, she started to give me verbal directions. I did as best I could. Soon, her hand took mine in order to better direct me. That did not last long and soon she took the vibe from me.

I stayed in her vagina, but did little thrusting. She continued to pleasure herself with the vibe. I had my “Oh jeez!” moments as the vibe periodically touched my cock. My gawd, that felt good.

I sensed her building pleasure and began to thrust. We both were receiving pleasure from our play. Her moans became loader and more breathy. Shortly thereafter, came her ultimate sexual release. She said, “That was powerful!” Less than 15 seconds later, I experienced my ultimate sexual release. That’s about as close as we have come to simultaneous orgasm. Normally, one of us has an orgasm and then the other is brought to peak and orgasm.

Afterwards, we laid in each other’s arm in our post orgasmic bliss. Again, she expressed the joy of our most recent exploration. “We have a new position!” By the way, I found it very exciting and pleasurable, too.

I am over-joyed in the events of our evening, and experiences we have not experienced before. I also hope this will be an open door to further sexual exploration.

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