Naked girl convinces two nerdy boys to break the rules of their abstinence group

Melanie is a new girl on the campus, so she is still unfamiliar with the different groups and activities. Two nerdy guys pay her a visit and try to convince her to join the abstinence group. The nerds believe in not having sex because it is a way to keep your mind and body clean. But what they don’t know is that Melanie loves sex and that she is the sluttiest girl back home. They should have figured that out by her short skirts and her tight tops. So the sexy girl suggests they play a little game. She takes a bottle and spins it on the floor. The agreement was that if they win she will join their cause, but if she wins they will play by her rules some sexy games. She won and she started undressing herself. The boys couldn’t believe their eyes. She was the first girl they had seen naked and this one was even more beautiful and hot than the other girls in college. She turned her butt towards them and took her little skirt off slowly. It revealed a round gorgeous ass and a thin pink thong. Then she pulled her top up and revealed cute soft tits that she started playing with. Every time she pinched her nipples, the boys would get a bit harder. Standing in front of the nerds the naked girl told them to get naked as well. One got close to her and took both of her perky tits in his hands.


His face was like he was about to cum then and there. She slowly took her panties off and showed them her fine shaved wet pussy and asked them if they liked what they so. Of course, they did! So then the nerds felt like it was their turn to take off their pants. It turned out they were quite well-hung and they were already hard. So the naked girl got down on her knees and took them both in her mouth. They couldn’t believe their virgin pricks were in a girl’s mouth. She was licking and sucking both their cocks. You could tell she has been doing it a lot. She jerked them off as well, wrapping her long fingers and her long red nails around their dicks. She had this innocent look that she used to look up at them and it was fucking hot! The naked girl kept on asking them if they liked it as if there was any other answer but yes! One of the boys started to fuck her doggy style while the other one put his dick in her mouth. They were amazed at how good sex felt. And they decided not to tell anyone in their abstinence group that this was so good! They had to switch before turning her to her back and fucking her that way- one and then the other. They ended up on the floor with her jumping on one guy’s dick and sucking the other one off. They came together all over her face.






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