Christmas Quickie (L)

We are spending Christmas Eve with Lacy’s family.  They still live in the home they built when they got married nearly 50 years ago.  I am always apprehensive when we get with her parents because Lacy is always a HOT MESS!  I know her parents raised he in a very strict Catholic household.  She has always been her fathers favorite but yet Lacy tries and tries to impress him all the time.

In the past I’ve always been able to calm her down with a very dominate, primal and very passionate quickie.  This time was no different as we got closer to their house.  Lacy was talk, talk, talking and complaining about the visit.  I couldn’t get a word in.  I pulled into a Walmart parking lot a couple miles away and stopped the car.

“Lacy, you really need to relax! You’re talking in circles, and talking way too much.”

After saying that, I reach down, undid my pants, and pulled out my long hard cock.  Grabbing the back of her head, I pulled her down and pushed my cock into her mouth.  She gagged and coughed a little as I entered her throat.

“Relax baby, you know you like it. Just relax.”

I held her head down tight and she didn’t try to slide me out of her mouth.  Soon Lacy is moaning, swallowing, and sucking my cock. Lacy, who never sucked cock until about a month after being married as become a pro. I can’t imagine anyone sucking better then she does.

“Oh fuck, Lacy, thats a good girl, suck it.”

My words urged her on and she sucked harder and faster.  I grinned as I pulled out of the lot with her sucking.  She tried to pull off and I held her down.

“Relax baby.  Now you have 5 miles until we pull in the driveway.  So if you don’t want to get caught sucking me off in their driveway, you better hurry up.”

Lacy is sucking and rubbing my balls with urgency.  I’m close, so very close, and she knows it as well.  I slow and turn into the driveway, and announce we’re here. She plunges my cock fully into her throat and starts swallowing and moaning. Her throat is vibrating and squeezing my cock as I erupt. I shot my huge load straight down her throat. She swallowed and swallowed, and started to gag. Pulling up, she took the last shots into her mouth.

She sat up, fixed my pants and showed all my cum in her mouth. Then swallowed it, and giggled.  Her lip stick was smeared all over. She wiped her face and touched up her lipstick.  We kissed and hugged. She told me she will need more “calming down” tonight, she is sure of it. I could taste myself on her lips as we walked in the house. She hugged her parents and gave them a soft kiss on their lips.  I grinned at Lacy as she winked to me, knowing that my cum was coating her lips.

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