My girlfriend has the most incredible ass on the planet

Her body is every man’s dream. She has the most incredible ass on the planet. Better than any of those fake girls in any porno you have ever seen. That’s why her boyfriend simply cannot get enough of her body. When they walk into any room, all eyes are always on his sexy girlfriend. He loves to watch other guys drool over her but it’s only him in front of whom she spreads her big round ass cheeks with both hands and asks to be fucked balls deep. Their sex life is fantastic. She is insatiable. She loves sex and loves to please him. “Come closer, I know how much you want this big ass, baby..” He doesn’t need to be asked twice at all. He walks up behind her, his balls are ready to explode. He gazes mesmerized as her pink pussy swallows the head of his cock. He begins pumping in and out slowly. “Mmmmm.. That feels so good..” she says as she begins rocking her hips back to meet his pushes. He pushes in harder and harder, staring at her perfect ass bouncing against him. “Yesss! YES!! Don’t stop! Oh god, don’t stop!!” She collapses onto the floor as her orgasm subsids. Her pussy is hot and wet around his dick, and she is breathing hard as she plays with her clit while riding him up and down. “I’m cumming again!!” She yells at him , squeezing her vagina on his cock, It feels so good.. Her warm, tight pussy gripping his cock like a vice. He can’t hold any longer. They cum together, his sticky cum coating her vagina. Squirt after squirt flooding her body with his seed. He stares down at her pussy, his cum dripping out of her slit. How many times do you think they have sex every day? His girlfriend has just insatiable sex drive!






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