Helping to clean this beautiful naked woman’s pipes

It starts off with me being called in to check on some pipes of this smoking hot brunette lady with absolutely gigantic tits that are just stunning. She then calls me over from the shower. She wants me to check the pipes in the bathroom as well. When I look under the sink she just takes off the towel and standing in front of me fully naked says: It’s my pipes that need some work. Her body looks fantastic, a sexy mature body and amazing big round tits. Luckily every plumber is well equipped for that job and this is part of our training. I grab the sponge and run it across her massive tits. I rub away at the glorious chest in front of me gleefully, happy that something interesting is finally happening. The naked woman takes off my belt and lowers my pants down until my large cock springs out. It stands firmly at attention in front of the MILF’s pretty face. And she can’t help herself but give a few cursory licks along the shaft of my dick. She then places my cock head into her mouth and starts sucking and slurping at my dick. And once my whole meat rod is nice and wet, she places it in between the valley of the breasts and starts giving me the most magnificent tit fuck the world has ever seen. Her massive tits wrap around my shaft snugly and keep it nice and warm in there. Her tits are so large that only my head peeks out of the massive globes. When she pauses in the tit fuck, she grabs my dick with her hands and pumps me that way for a bit. But soon enough, the naked woman pushed me onto the bed and climbs on my dick. The head of my cock slips straight between her open pussy lips. As the naked MILF jumps up and down her breasts bounce in front of my face. She also uses her hands, caressing my balls, to enhance my pleasure. In fact, I just can’t last too long and cum on her big tits.






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