Wedding Night

It wasn’t exactly love that brought Kristoph and his wife Lana together. She had been in a desperate place, and he was there to pick up the pieces after she broke up with Damon. It wasn’t so much love that motivated him to spend time with her. It was the idea that she could very well make a submissive wife one day. So that was the challenge he set himself to.

Lana hadn’t realized what she was getting herself into until he proposed to her. When he finally did, she found herself too dumbfounded and lost in her own thoughts to reject him.

And now she found herself in bed with him. They had been married mere hours ago, He made very clear what he wanted from her now that they’d been declared husband and wife.

“Sweetheart,” Kristoph said, gently stroking her cheek. “Tonight is a very special night.”

She smiled up at him when he lowered himself on top of her. Sex had always been a bit of a pain point for her. But Kristoph had made her feel loved and valued without ever touching her. No matter what was about to happen, she knew that he loved her. And she was finally ready to admit that she loved him too.

“Thank the Lord that He brought us together,” Kristoph whispered into her ear. “He loves you, and I do, too.”

With one smooth motion, he pressed his cock inside of her tight heat. She gasped at the sudden intrusion. It was a strange sensation, having this man inside of her, but it felt right. This man was her husband now, and she wanted to submit herself to him, body, heart and soul.

“Kris…” she sighed, looking up into his icy blue eyes. Never before had she seen such passion in his eyes. Usually, he had a calm demeanor, only sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings once they’d gotten to know each other. But now his eyes seemed to shimmer with passion and love for her.

He waited for her to nod before he began moving, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her. He had one hand resting on her face while the other gently squeezed her breast.

“Darling…” he moaned. “You’re so tight.”

“I saved myself.” Lana promised, her hands gently cupping his face. “I saved myself for you.”

He briefly pressed his lips to hers as he began thrusting inside of her once again. As he did so, he reminded himself of how lucky he was. The woman lying beneath him was his wife. She had vowed eternal loyalty to him, and nobody could take that away. No man could separate them, for God united them. No matter what, she would always be there for him.

As they continued their lovemaking, Kristoph slid one hand down to gently rub her clit. He was rewarded with soft moans spilling from Lana’s lips.

“Don’t stop…” she pleaded. “Please don’t stop.”

He didn’t stop, he didn’t want to stop. He wanted her to feel as much pleasure as he did. Her inner walls tensed up around his cock as she approached orgasm.

“Come for me”, he commanded.

She obeyed, crying out his name as she did.

Their lovemaking ended with him finishing inside of her.

“I love you,” Lana whispered as she laid herself down against him. She smiled up at him.

“I love you more,” Kristoph replied, gently stroking his wife’s hair.

“I love you most,” she assured him.

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