The Mad Hatter’s tea party turned into a wild fuck fest with three naked girls

Alice is a stranger in a strange land after falling down a hole. In this Wonderland, nothing makes any sense, and the characters are all looney. Myra stumbled upon the Mad Hatter’s tea party in the garden. The Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit were kissing, and things got pretty steamed up. This mad piece of shit was going to get lucky with three girls. Each one was prettier than the other, and each one was hotter than the other. He got his dick sucked by these three beautiful peculiar bimbos. One was sucking his schlong, the second one was sucking his left ball and the third one was sucking his right ball. Everyone knew that the Queen of Hearts is the best in giving head. This could only happen in the Wonderland and especially at the Mad Hatter’s fuck party. Now, it was his time to lick their pussies and asses. He ordered the naked girls to line up next to each other and be ready to be licked to an orgasm. He went back and forth from one pussy to the other, licking and sucking their pussies and clits. After licking and lubricating their holes, he started fucking the Queen of Hearts first. The next one in line was Alice, pureness was her greatest strength here. She knew nothing about Wonderland and just went with its flow. After Alice, the beautiful booty White Rabbit was in line to get a good banging. Even though the rabbit had small tits, they managed to bounce a little bit. The Hatter was banging her from behind, and her booty was also bouncing with every hit. All three naked girls were moaning with pleasure. The Hatter was lying on his back while the naked girls took turns bouncing on his fairy cock. Oh yeah, the motherfucker was busy licking their pussies. It was another switch in the place and now Alice needed to show what she learned in Wonderland. Curiouser and curiouser she became and wondered how could Hatter’s cock be so hard. As the party was progressing the wilder it got. Undoubtedly, they were all mad there, and they got a pretty steamed-up tea party. As a final treat of the afternoon, he came hard and let the naked girls have a little taste.






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