Two wild west saloon girls sell their pussies for gold

There’s gold in them thar hills, and these saloon girls just want a piece of the action. Thomas is new to town and looking for more than just a drink at Gold Diggers saloon, and the girls give him a proper welcome. Not only that but when they realized that he was packed, they immediately craved his massive black cock. They were all over his body, gently touching him and seducing him. The girls got undressed and showed their beautiful breasts. When they pulled out his black general, they were in complete shock. He was bigger than they expected. Even though he is humongous, there were two of them, and they had the relevant experience needed to overcome him with ease. Both naked girls started sucking him at the same time, and he was pleased. It did not matter to him that they were gold diggers. He just wanted to bang them both, and he was going to. He was deep-throating them, and these girls were gagging on his huge dick. These three enjoyed it to the fullest, which was their relationship’s beauty. He put the naked girls both on the counter on all of their fours so he could deliver his package to them from behind. Of course, they were begging for more. He pounded into their cunts deep and hard, so they could feel his whole girth and size. These saloon bitches were begging for a decent fuck, so he took one in his arms, lifted her, and started drilling her wet cunt. After a nice hard drilling, it was her time to get some rest and for the other girl with saggy tits to hop on. She got blessed with his cock in a different position. Again, he turned her around and started giving her his beef bayonet, which he was giving her pretty hard. Her saggy tits were bouncing all over the place. The one that was resting wanted to show him her cowgirl skills, and now she was landing her cunt on his black dick. She started bouncing up and down, which was a nice view for the other, so she started rubbing her pussy and pleasing herself. But things get less friendly when it turned out Thomas’s gold wan’t real, and he had to beat a hasty retreat as the sharpshooting girls made him dance!






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