Friday Surprise.

It’s a Friday night, I’ve had a slightly frustrating day at work, but the project was now complete and I’m looking forward to an evening out with friends and the weekend.

Pulling into the driveway, I see that all lights are out and Mrs Brit has not come to the door to meet me. She can’t be in the kitchen, she doesn’t have to cook tonight. Maybe she’s asleep. It’s possible, she sometimes has a nap before we go out. I open the front door and into the hall. Looking in the lounge she’s not on the sofa, so I leave my lunchbox in the kitchen and go upstairs. Still no lights on. Quietly I creep into the bedroom so as not to disturb her. She’s in bed. But smiling. I can see her bare shoulders under the duvet. “Ah, there you are in bed” I say.


“And naked, I gather.”

She shrugs “Well…”

“I see what you’re up to you little minx”

“Well, I didn’t have to cook, and we’ve got time before we go out, so I thought… ” She raises her eyebrows, her eyes looking flirty.

I lean over the bed and kiss her. “Well, I’d better get cleaned up.” I say.

As I shed my dusty clothes, I walk towards the bathroom. I set the shower going, strip naked, and step into the cubicle. I wash my hair and body, then take a dose of her Dove body wash and spread it over my soft willy. Sex hadn’t been on my mind, but it was now, and I enjoy the feeling of the creamy soap on my growing member. I begin to think about what we might be doing in a few minutes. Licking pussy. I always think about licking her as I masturbate in the shower. It gets me hard. I work on him a while, increasing my excitement before exiting the shower and drying off. I’m ready for her now, and walk back to the bedroom. It’s dark and all I hear is a quiet low buzz.

“Are you being naughty?” I ask

She grins and nods. “I’m a good naughty girl though.” Both of her hands are below the duvet, one of her toys busily vibing below the covers.

“Yes, you are” I say slowly, climbing on the bed I crawl towards her head. In the low light, I can just see her staring lustfully at my erection as it gets closer.

“Suck it” I simply say.

I place it in her open and willing mouth and she moans “MMMMMmmm” in pleasure.  She truly loves doing this, and I can tell, because it always gets her wet. Not that she needs that tonight. I’m sure her toy has already aroused her to beyond the dew point.

She sucks greedily on me, and I revel in her wonderful willing mouth as she moans over and over. I can already hear the familiar sound of her arousal. There is urgency in her sucking, and she holds my cock with one hand as she sucks. I pull back the duvet and reach down. She switches off her little Rose-shaped friend, and I find her so juicy. We both moan in appreciation. Her arousal is building. I alternate between the oh-so-soft, slippery folds of her labia, and her clit. I know I can take her over the edge right now. The message is in her groaning and the way she takes me as deep as she can into her wonderful mouth. Oh, she is so good.

I alternate with my fingers. Teasing her closer, I don’t let her get to the peak just yet. The pitch of her voice goes higher as I touch her clit. It’s like a small, pleading sound, but it doesn’t for a second stop her licking and sucking of me.

“Uurghh” is all I can say. I won’t let her come yet though. It would be good, but waiting is better. The sounds she makes reveal the level of intensity she is at. Long marriage is good! You can read each other so well after the hundreds of times we’ve been here before.

I pull away from her. Her beautiful tongue and the wonderful feel of her pussy getting me close to releasing right there in her mouth. She kneels up and I lay back on the bed. Positioning herself between my legs she hungrily takes me into her mouth again. She’s getting that beautiful ‘desperate for it’ way about her. The sounds of our pleasure are filling the room. Moans of delight.

She takes me up to the edge three times before I pull out each time. Then, after the third time, she comes back for more. As I release a little pre-cum, she moans, feeling the warm jizz come out of the tiny lips of my cock. I can hear how much she loves that. I love it, too. She switches to licking the underside of my cock like a lolly. Looking up at me, sexual energy exchanged in our eyes. She moves lower, licking my balls. So I hold her head and she pouts as I rock my hips, rubbing my tight sack against her wet lips. She hums her enjoyment. I sigh in mine.

She moves up towards me now, upright, straddling my hips she lowers herself down onto me. That sweet sound of wetness of a juicy pussy meeting the hard underside of my cock. So wet. I lick my lips, craving her taste. I need it soon. She is calling out, unutterable sounds of arousal, sliding her pussy off my cock and onto my belly allowing the head of my erection to probe her backdoor.

I can’t even tell what angle he is at now as she grinds herself against me. She loves running her pussy against, well, any part of my body really, as she builds towards the crest. She revels in the feel of my tummy against her soft pussy, and the hardness of me against her ass. My belly button is full of her sticky nectar, but this is not enough to take her to the peak, so I sit up, pressed against her body, we kiss, our tongues playing, swirling, tasting. Then I bring my hand under her.

My middle fingers slip so easily between her so juicy swollen lips, enveloped deep into her labia. My finger curls in a ‘come here’ motion. She groans over and over as we still french kiss each other. I press my palm firmly against her. Her body melts, submitting to my total control of her approaching orgasm. I love taking her here. It feels so goood!

I know what to do now. I have coaxed and teased her to this point. She is desperate to climax. My hand is pressed flat against her clit and her knees are shaking. I move my kisses across her face down to her neck, then pull out my ace card. At the same moment I bring my finger tip up to her clit, I suck hard a love bite into her neck. She cries out, loudly, as she is quaking. Her hand is tight on the back of my head. I draw out what I know will be a bright red welt she will cheekily want to leave on display this evening.

She screams as I flick her wet clit and the orgasm explodes. It lasts a nice long time and she goes on wailing in her sexual high. Eventually she collapses in exhaustion on her back next to me, her face red in a fiery smile. She is panting. I give her a few moments, stroking her breasts then reach down to softly stoke her pussy again, circling my fingers gently into the pool of girl cum that is calling to me.

I bring two sticky fingers up to her breast and spread the honey over and round her nipple. She sighs as I then lean over and lick round and round, tasting her juice on her gorgeous tender skin. I lick her clean then climb onto her, the head of my cock nearing the opening of her pussy and she pushes up against him. We look into each others eyes, the fervor of erotic sex in our faces.

We kiss deeply again, tongues swirling in appreciation of the other, then I slide down, stopping briefly to kiss her breasts again but I can’t wait any longer. I want her so much. She moves up the pillow a little, I settle my body down onto the bed, between her legs, and gaze at my favourite place. I move close and slowly lick her, so soft, so tender, so wet. She “aahs”.

I taste her, savouring it, licking again, deeper, and again, deeper still into her swollen lips, easily parting, pulling my tongue deep into her sticky pussy. She “Mmm’s”.

I feel tendrils of her honey between her lips and mine and I plunge into her as deep as I can. Her juice is so plentiful I literally slurp. It’s a feast of pleasure and I drink her in gratefully.

“Pussy”, I murmur. Lick. “Pussy. Mmm”

She moans in appreciation and, as I lick up to her already aroused nub, I realize she is close to coming again. She is groaning over and over. Willing me to flick my tongue there. Yes, like that.

No, not yet. I’ve not had enough. I hear her panting quiet just a hint, as I pull away from her electrified button, moving my lips back to the sublime moist velvet below. Pressing my face into her, she continues to pant, holding the back of my head. I love this, inside her is the softest of soft flesh, lubricated in her cum, and I can never get enough of the feel and taste on my tongue.

Exploring, seeking every possible way to bring her more pleasure makes my cock throb and seep it’s own liquid. I take my time savouring her, returning often to her clit, taking her arousal higher, little by little, but not so fast that I miss out on lush pussy time for me. We’re both groaning in pleasure. I bring my fingers to her, gently opening her labia to reveal that shiny silk inner pussy. I lap slowly up with the flat of my tongue, gently, the movement so smooth, creamed, devoid of any friction. With each stroke I finish at her clit and curl the tip of my tongue just a little to make her “Aaah!” I don’t know how long I can keep her in this pre orgasmic state.

She is shaking now. That building sense of desperation in her voice. I lick the wet lips one more time. I know her moment has come. Bringing my lips up to her nub I suck a little, then again. She grasps my head. She’s not letting me get away now. “Oooh!” She calls out. I suck a little harder. “OOooh!” I push my tongue out a little between my lips to add a bit of pressure to the underside of her button. She’s calling out louder now. I alter the way my tongue is pressing against her tiny pleasure point until I sense I’ve got it just right. She’s wailing. I don’t change a thing now, repeating that little tongue motion over and over and then bring my middle finger down, finding the opening of her pussy I make little circles there, just just inside.

She’s shouting out “AAAAAaaahs!” now. And it’s loud! I know I mustn’t stop. The finger and tongue movements must not alter their rhythm or course for even a millimetre. Not all orgasms are equal, and this is a big one. I revel in the achievement of bringing her here. “AAAAAAAaaahhhh!” Her thighs are pulled up and shaking, they clamp my head. Her orgasm explodes right there in my mouth and she yells. I keep my tongue drumming against her and she continues to scream on and on. It’s a long climax. Really long. She wails over and over and I’m loving it. What a joy to feel and hear her in so much ecstacy.

She eventually calms down and pushes me away, but I can’t stop licking her, I need it.

“Gently” she breathes.

I softly stroke her wet swollen labia with my tongue, moaning myself and she relaxes back into the bed, I look up at her face, her eyes closed in bliss. Did I say I love pussy? Oh, I so do. I lick as deeply as she will allow, drawing in her sticky syrup, tasting her orgasm, drinking her in. I press my kiss tenderly against her and nod my head up and down. “Mmmmmm”

I finally kneel back up now, stroking my hard cock, spreading my own pre cum over the head. She opens her eyes, looking at me with a satisfied glow in her gaze. She watches my hand and her eyes widen. I want her. She has calmed a bit but knows the final scene will now happen.

“On your knees, Minx” I say to her. She grins and readily rolls over onto her knees and bends over, all exposed and ready. I reach across and take a liberal dose of coconut oil, spreading it all over her ass, fingers rubbing and probing, then her pussy, then myself. Moving forward on my knees, I press him against her ass hole, up and down a few times, she loves that, before sliding down to her ready pussy. Slowly I push in a little, back, a little more, back, then easily all the way inside her.

“Oooooh” I groan. The feel of her encompassing me.

“Oh baby” the slippery wetness squeezing me, driving me crazy.I watch as she takes the little Rose Vibe from the bedside table and brings it under and up to her clit. It buzzes into life. It’s quite new and she is just getting used to it. The sound is absolutely delightful! It’s sucking her and the liberal juiciness creates a gorgeous squelching, slurpy rhythm. I press into her to and fro until, quite quickly, I hear her beginning to orgasm once again, allowing me to release my own climax.

We yell a joint chorus of “AAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhh!”

My own frenzy is also wonderfully long and I feel myself spurting over and over into her heavenly depths. She comes loudly too and we revel in the cacophony, groaning and laughing in the pure joy of it all. As the session comes to a final close, I leave my cock inside her, gently rotating my hips, savouring the last of the eroticism of it all. Slipping out of her at the last, we both collapse on the bed.

I look at her, we’re both worn out. With sleepy smiles we exchange satisfied grins. “One of the best” I say.

She nods “Oh yes”.

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