We definitely were in the mood that night.

Just not in the mood for everything. If you know what I mean.

It started as it always does. A smile from my wife. An inside reference from me. A hug from behind by me. A deep kiss initiated by her.

After some serious petting on the couch, we headed hand-in-hand to the bedroom. We quickly undressed as each other watched. Then my wife guided me to be bed, leading me by holding onto my erection.

Once in bed, we explored each other with our hands and mouths, both sighing with pleasure.

I kissed my wife deeply. Then started to move down her body. I lingered at each breast, sucking each nipple.

Down to her stomach where I kissed her scars from the C-sections from years ago when she had birthed our children.

Then further south I went, where I nibbled and kissed each inner thigh. Then I positioned myself in front of her love entrance, which was already moist.

I fingered my wife’s clit which led to moans of pleasure. I touched the outer edges of her entrance and moved my tongue up and down her slit. More moans as my wife grabbed my arms.

After bringing her close to climax, I shifted closer to her, waiting for her to guide my penis inside.

She stopped me by putting her hand on my shoulder.

“Just your fingers tonight please,” she whispered.

I removed myself from between her legs, moving up to her face on her left side. I kissed her deeply as she moved my right hand to her entrance.

Carefully, I put my fore finger into my wife. She gasped and moved my finger deeper inside. I started with short strokes as her wetness coated my finger. I eventually added the middle finger which resulted in louder moans and my wife arching her back.

As I quicken my pace inside her, I noticed that she had grabbed my erection and started to stroke it up and down.

“You don’t get to have the fun” she whispered through her moans.

We moved in rhythm. Her up and down. Me in and out.

Finally, when I plunged my fingers deep into my wife, her moans turned to spasms. She stopped stroking me and her inner walls tightened around me.

Orgasm upon orgasm, accompanied by loud moans, washed over my  wife until she was depleted. My fingers rested in her as she caught her breath.

When my wife recovered, she turned on her side towards me, my fingers slipping out of her, coated in her wetness. She grabbed my erection, kissed me on the lips and started to pump my shaft.

”I want to watch you,” she whispered.

Closing my eyes, I felt her stroke me from the tip to the bottom and then back again. Each time, the strokes got shorter and faster.

I opened my eyes to see my beloved watching me.

“Do you still like watching it happen to me?” I asked, feeling the stream start to rise in my balls.

My wife kept stroking even harder. “I love to see you cum and the cum itself,” she said looking into my eyes. “I imagine you finishing inside me.”

Those words and that look sent me over the edge, sending the contents of my erection onto her hands and my stomach.

Later we cuddled in the after glow, the smell of intimacy was evident on us and throughout the bedroom

“This was a good way to end the day,” said my wife with her on my chest. “We will have to try another option real soon.”






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