Quickie in the Camper

My oh my!”

That was her reaction to a few pics I sent if my erection peeking through the top of my jeans. A little sexting had me rock hard, and ready to go! But I had a meeting back at the church that I had planned to just stay there for. As a pastor, there’s just some nights you can’t get away easily.

I can come home for a solid 20 minutes, if you think you can spare it.

“Well, the baby’s asleep, so we should be good .”

“It’d be fun if we could escape somewhere. Like the woods or go for a drive.

We went back and forth with ideas of where we could go. None of them seeming feasible. With 5 kids, one only a baby, finding uninterrupted time and space can be a challenge. Our bedroom was where the baby slept, and the other 4 roamed the house freely. Every solution we suggested wasn’t an option. It started to look like our rendezvous was in danger, till I had an epiphany.

“The camper!

“Ooooo yeah! Meet you there in five minutes!”

I sped home, anxiously waiting for my wife and the love we would make.

I pulled in quickly, parked the car near the door to our camper, and went inside, immediately dipping into the bedroom area where my sweet honey was waiting with a smile. We didn’t say much other than hi, and then we began to simultaneously make love and strip down. Once we were both naked, we started at it with a potent mix of speed and passion.

The sex was simple, three postions and about ten minutes, ending with a big pressured load all over her butt cheeks. I helped her wipe up, checked on the kids, and then zoomed back to the church.

Sometimes, the best moments in life are short, spontaneous events.

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