Making sure my sis understands that dick skills are essential to be a wife material

My sister and I have always had this competitive relationship. I mentioned that I had had a girlfriend for a long time and I decided that it is time for me to settle down and get married. So when my stepsister heard that I was going to propose to my girlfriend, she felt threatened since she wanted to get married first. However, somehow all the guys she was seeing didn’t see her as more than a hot piece of ass. Which she is, let’s be clear. She has a dirty look, a great ass, and tight tits and I feel like she has great sucking skills. So when she got upset over the fact that I was getting married and she is not I told her that she needs to work on her “wife skills” and that she should do everything I say. Starting with sucking my dick right there in the kitchen. She got on her knees and it turned out that I was right – she really did have great sucking skills. I wanted to cum right then, covering her face in cum, but I didn’t. We had to stop because my mom got back home. But tomorrow we have another lesson. I told her she needed to listen to everything I told her to do and she really did.


She got up and I took her panties off. Her ass was so tight and round, her pussy was so pretty, I wanted to lick it right away. I got on the bed and told her to sit on my face so I could eat her pussy. She was crouched down and rubbing her clit in my face. She was crazy wet and the crouching motion opened up her pussy lips like a ripe piece of fruit. My naked stepsis was slapping her wet pussy lips against my face and my face was all wet from the juices. She got horny so she moaned and moved her hips up and down my tongue. Later that night I got in her bedroom for the last lesson on her journey. My dick was already hard because I knew what I was in for. I took it out and she was so hungry for it, she choked on it even harder than the day before. I put my cock in her cunt from behind and the head of my cock slipped deep into her body. Using all my strength in my legs I pounded my dick into her body, plunging deeply over and over, pulling out then thrusting back inside, furiously fucking my sister. She started screaming, arching her back. It was a good thing we were alone. Then my naked stepsister jumped on top and rode my dick like a cowgirl. In the end, she got on her back and spread her legs wide so I could get my dick all the way in. That made her cum a few more times. She was ready to be a wife now.






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