Teacher caught his student with a bag of dildos that she brought with her to school

Being a teacher is a hard job as it is, let alone when you have to deal with a bunch of horny teenagers. They get so wild you don’t even know what to expect from them. Especially the girls. The problem gets bigger when you see how hot they all are. In their tiny tops and short skirts, walking around like moving hormonal bombs, ready to explode. The little sluts always stay longer for detention and the other day Mr Rodgers notices his sexy blonde student Allie always doing something with her bag. He asked her what was inside but she wouldn’t say. So he took her bag and saw a bunch of dildos inside that she brought with her to school! That is one of the things he didn’t expect to find in there. Since she was so horny, he asked her to get on the desk and pull down her white panties so that he could see if she really knew how to use them. The girl was on his desk, on her knees with her naked ass sticking up in the air. She hadn’t seen such a beautiful pussy and ass since he married. Her young 18 year old pussy was bald, tidy, much cleaner than his wife’s old twat and her lips were plump and waiting. Turns out her tight little pussy can open up for the huge dildos without a problem. Seeing that, he decided to take it a step further and show her the real thing – his huge hard dick. The girl was amazed at the size and took it in her hungry horny mouth immediately. These girls really know how to choke on a big dick. She got him so horny so fast, he had to fuck her, even though he just wanted to discipline her. He put her on the table and put his dick all the way in her tight pussy. Now she knows what a real dick feels like. She jumped on it until she felt his cock throb inside her. Her teacher was cumming hard, filling up her little pussy with his semen!






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