Her foster parents teach her the importance of a good and healthy sex drive

Freya has always been a little bit different. While all the other girls were interested in playing games, going out, and being on their phones, all Freya thought about was sex. Since she was old enough to develop a sex drive, she was masturbating and sneaking out to fuck boys all the time. Her foster parents noticed that and they didn’t know what to do with her. One day they came back home from shopping and found her on the floor of their living room jumping on a thick black dildo, screaming and moaning. They grounded her and sent her to her room. Without the dildo, she wanted to bring so badly. That same evening while they were having dinner and talking about what to do with her, she sneaked under the table and started sucking her dad’s dick. She was so good at it that he same right in her mouth. When her mom went to the kitchen she climbed up and jumped on his cock. Eventually, her mom noticed and she decided it was time they both taught her a good lesson. She got up on the table and lifted her skirt while her mom fucked her with that same dildo. Dad fucked mom from behind and everyone was happy. then they got on the floor and the busty MILF rode dad’s cock in reverse cowgirl while the little slut st on the table above them so her mom could lick her pussy. Then she taught her how to suck Daddy’s cock and how to ride it. Later it was mom’s turn again so she was being fucked and Freya had her pussy eaten. They ended with dad eating Freya’s pussy and fucking mom, while Freya was doing the airplane pose. Nice little family affair.






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