Ordering a table for one turned into hot sex between the two, the waitress and the guest

This motherfucker entered a restaurant and from the moment they saw each other, the sexual tension rose. They were immediately hooked on each other. Hot waitress wanted to offer him a special off-menu treat, flashing him her boob and then sucking his cock at his table. After a small chat, the seduction game, she was on her knees, sucking on his huge dick. The guy was so packed that he needed two waitresses. Luckily for him, this one was more than enough. When she turned on her gagging 9000, he was over the fucking moon. However, that was only the beginning of their passionate sneaky sex. They were in the toilet, and she showed him her beautiful red bra. He did not care. She turned her around and gave her all the inches of his dick from behind. To shoot her up, he put his hand over her mouth. That was mostly so she could not scream. She wanted, because of the pleasure, that was for sure. “You need your cunt pounded so hard you won’t walk for days.” The waitress was loving his large cock and his constant pounding. He put her on the sink and then kept drilling her partially hairy cunt the hardest he could get. She was screaming and her cunt was squirting hard. She had never been pounded into so many orgasms as she was having now. He pushed and slammed with an energy he didn’t know he had. Even though the restaurant was full of guests, the toilet was far away. They were playing it safe. It was questionable how no one came into the toiler. Next thing you know, he was sitting on the toilet, and she was bouncing her beautiful big booty on his massivity. The lucky motherfucker was spanking that ass as hard as he could. He sent her off on a series of orgasms like she had never felt before. Soon she felt the hot cum hit inside.






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