They took her hostage and tied her up, and later, they fucked her brains out

Kira and her team walk directly into a trap, but these professionals have the situation under control. But when it comes to a firefight, Nikki has to make a retreat, hijacking the truck full of weapons and the driver, another old army buddy. After she takes out the enemies, she sends the others back to the chopper, but finds herself taken prisoner by two of his goons. Capturing hostages in the army is serious business. The two bald motherfuckers left her hanging naked from the ceiling of their cabin in the woods. She was hanging from the ceiling like a piece of meat. She remembered that she needed to negotiate her way out. She knew she was sexy as hell, so naturally, she knew what she needed to do. Luckily for her, these motherfuckers were ready to use her as a sweet treat. And they started by taking off her panties. One bald fucker put his dick inside her mouth. She was gagging a bit, but she immediately remembered that she was good. In the army, people learn a bunch of great and useful techniques. She talked herself out of the ropes and into the middle of a threesome.

The guys put her down and started fucking her, using her black pussy and her mouth. The one was in her mouth, and it was full of her fucking saliva. She was fucking filthy all over her fucking face. The guy that was fucking her from behind enjoyed her black pussy hole. The bastards took that interracial shit to a new level. They were changing sides on her, and they were changing from her mouth to pussy and so on. At one point, they almost reached that Eifel Tower position. If that shit was not serious and she was not negotiating with sex for her fucking life, the shit would be hilarious. The bitch was trying to give all her best to satisfy the bald fuckers. Her nasty wet cunt looked amazing, and she was feeling every inch of them on both sides of her body. At one point, the guy whose dick she was sucking started patting her on her dreadlocks. She was looking him in his eyes, and only she knew what she was thinking about. It was probably how she wanted to get out alive from that crazy situation. They gave her the opportunity to fight. In that case, she needed to fuck this one guy and jump the hardest she could on the guy’s massive beef bayonet. She couldn’t help feeling her clit swelling and her cunt muscles clutching at their cocks. Her body was shuttering and shaking with orgasms. She felt their two cocks in her, fucking her as hard as they could and feeling their come erupt inside her body.






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