My girl and I went shopping, and I fucked her in one of the cabins

My girlfriend Athena always deliberately sexually teases me by flashing me her naked pussy or her titties in public places. This one one time, my girl was literally walking in front of me, looking for some clothes, and then the next thing you know it, she lifted her skirt. Fuck me, that immediately got me hard. Her round juicy ass was there in front of me, looking at me all sweet and sexy. Naturally, after the tushy, it was time to flash boobies. I adore when she flashes her big enough, round boobies with those impressive areolas that she has. I needed to drill her soon in those cabins. She snagged into the back and called me inside. I was puzzled at first, but then she flashed me her freshly shaved pussy. I did not know when she did do that, but damn, that was extremely smooth. I literally ran into the cabin, pulled out my extremely massive schlong, and she did not hesitate to start sucking it. From time to time, my blonde bimbo looked through the curtain to see if anyone was watching us. I mean, we were recording the whole damn thing, so why we bothered to look for others, I will never know. After the cabins, we went into the bathroom, and there we did not need to be quiet, and I could perform the most magnificent moves I knew. She was sitting on the stool in the toilet, and I was probing her into her fucking wet pussy. That pussy was so slippery. “Ooooooh…” she cooed as she caressed her clit with my cock-head.


“Ahhhhhhhhh…” she sighed as her taut-stretched labia pressed against my groin, my hard cock fully embedded in the warm, wet sleeve of her vagina. My throbbing hard-on filling and stretching the young girl’s tight little cunt to its limits. My crazy little bitch could feel all my girth and all of my size. Of course, she was that good, so I came instantly on her pretty face. A few long thick jets of cum landed on her mouth. We went into the shops where she had an appointment with her stylist. My cum was dripping down her chin in gooey strands! I have honestly never seen anything sexier than a girl with cum on her face walking in public. My little cum slut spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy, licking leftover sperm from her lips. Her stylist couldn’t figure out what was on her face and just gave her a tissue. At that moment neither of us cared if other people were watching. I just laid back on the floor and she sat on my cock! Rocking her hips, she slid the engorged head of my cock back and forth along the full length of the crevice between her outer cunt-lips. I was drilling her in front of the people who clearly saw this, and oh my guy, I can not tell how good that was. We were fucking in front of the counter, and she was on top of me, jumping up and down. Although some people interrupted us, we continued fucking elsewhere. Her cunt began to spasm repeatedly around my shaft as her tongue thrust furiously in and out of my mouth. A moment later my throbbing penis erupted into the deepest recesses of her vagina. Together, we came, our tongues passionately dancing, while my spurting cock, fully embedded in her spasming vagina, filled her with his steaming-hot sperm.






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