My Confession by Jim

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Over the years, Mrs H and I have enjoyed each other’s company.

Mrs H is a lovely, petite woman with a radiant smile and a naughty twinkle in her eyes. Something about us always made me wonder if there was something deeper and more intimate. When we were together, her smile was even more radiant, and there was this particular way she would play with her hair. It was like teasing me, inviting me.

We were colleagues for more than three years. We knew each other’s likes and dislikes. We were both married and had busy lives. But there was something when we were together, like sparks flying everywhere, like wanting me to forget all the sorrows in the world and just watch her endlessly smiling and talking.

Our workplace was very stressful. The joy of going to work was being around her. We both knew we liked each other’s company, but neither of us was willing to make the first move for the sake of losing a good friend and colleague. This all changed when we went to a conference overseas.

This was going to be a three-hour journey, and we decided to take the train together. Despite being together for over three years, we had never been alone, or going to be alone, for such a long time. I could see the happiness and the glow on her face when we met at the station. She was dressed in a casual yet erotic dress with slits running up to her thighs. She smelled incredible and let her hair down. She had these dangly earrings which would sway when she moved her head to look around. She was oozing confidence and looked incredibly sexy.

While on the train, we were laughing and giggling. Casually, she would brush her breasts on my shoulder, and it became more and apparent that she didn’t mind my touch and we were getting as close as possible. It was intoxicating for me. When she would cross her legs, the dress would ride up high, and it was a delight to watch her soft, supple skin.

Four hours later, we were settled in our respective hotel rooms and decided to meet after freshening up. Our rooms were on the same floor and not far from each other.

When we met in the lobby, she was wearing a floral dress with a deep cleavage and her hair tied at the back. We started with a round of drinks, and it was getting difficult to keep eyes away from her beautiful neckline. It was evident that the distance was melting between us, and we had started to surrender to each other. Inadvertently, our hands touched, and without realising, we were playing with each other’s fingers.

We both soon finished our drink and made our way into her room. She let me in first and latched the door. She was like poetry in motion. Her dress was hugging her curves, letting me stare her all over. We were both flushed with anticipation.

We embraced and started kissing passionately. We were possessed by this intense desire.

My hands were all over her body, and I was hungry for her. The smell of her skin and the touch of her lips was just too much. She took my hands and let me play and fondle with her breasts. She pushed me on the sofa and slowly undressed. I had pictured her like this thousands of times and there she was, looking even more beautiful than I had imagined. I got up and started kissing her more passionately than ever.

She quickly unbuttoned my clothes, and there we were naked. We were intoxicated with passion and ready to explore more and more of each other. I gently laid her on the bed. I started kissing her neck, breasts, and stopped at her thighs. She gave me a gentle nod and spread her legs to reveal her wet, nicely trimmed pussy. She was dripping, and her juices were all over her thighs. She chuckled and, holding my head, guided me towards the never-ending sweetness.

I was at her for hours, and she was getting breathless, and her body stiffened; she gave out a loud cry and shivered. We both smiled, and she grabbed me closer and kissed my lips, which were soaking in all her juices. I had never seen her so happy.

She pushed me on the bed and started kissing my nipples, then took my balls and started taking my manhood deeper and deeper between her lips. She played her tongue between gentle licks, deep in her mouth and biting with her teeth. I was ready to burst with pleasure, and she suddenly sat up and started riding me. Her curves were in full glory, her breasts were bouncing with each of my thrusts, and she grabbed her nipples hard.

I grabbed her hair, kissed her hard and thrust into her like a maniac. I couldn’t control myself, and I exploded deep into her.

The most incredible part happened after this, which I had never ventured into before. She got up and started licking me again, my body now covered with both of our juices. While she was down on me, she looked into my eyes, and I was not able to comprehend what was going on in her mind. Once satisfied, she came close to me and started kissing me deeply. I had never done this before. There was something about her that I just drifted with her, tasting all the juices, and I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed it. To my surprise, I started kissing her and reached cum filled pussy. I started licking as if there was no tomorrow, and soon she was shivering and moaning louder than before.

I can’t get this encounter out of my head, and this is my kinky confession!

The post My Confession by Jim appeared first on FrolicMe.






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