Experiment, Learn, and Grow

I’m happy to report the efforts to improve our physical intimacies continue. In one of my last posts, I described how Mary had begun applying lube to her external and internal genitalia. This was a new change, as in the past, she has relied on me to perform this. While I did not mind this role, I had a reason for her to assume this task. From youthful experience, I  learned I was the best judge to determine how my different body parts preferred to be touched.

I believe this to be true for everyone.  No one can determine intuitively how someone else likes to be touched for their greatest pleasure. Experimentation and learning how to provide pleasurable feelings through touch is great and fun. But no one can “feel” for someone else. Only solo play can determine the optimal level of pressure, speed, direction , and type of stimulation, which feels best. Once learned,  this information can then be shared with a partner, if open communication exists.

I watched as Mary applied the lube, rubbing it into her special sensitive areas. She’s been increasingly bold, providing a generous amount of lube, and massaging it on her lips, clit, and inner canal.  Dare I say it? She’s begun to masturbate!  She performed the lube application with sufficient enthusiasm to reach an orgasm (or two). I provide attention to her mouth, lips, tongue, and breasts, with my mouth. Also, I gently touch and massage her thighs, lower back, essentially touching anywhere except her genital area.

I described the enjoyment and building excitement I feel, watching her respond to her touch, as she nears orgasm. Her facial expression and the unbridled release she experiences when she comes are so beautiful to see. As is her practice, I noted she did not stop her activity after having an orgasm. She continues to self stimulate, to both of our enjoyment. I encourage her to ride her orgasm as long as she can when she comes. Watching her building response is so enjoyable, I continued to encourage her efforts.

I asked her, “Does it feel better to press harder or softly, as you are about to climax?”

She replied, “Softly is best.”  Having her masturbate increases the sensitivity of her body parts, preparing them to respond immediately to my attention.

During a sexual interlude, I introduced a favorite toy, a Lelo Sona Cruise. She enjoys me applying it to her clit and surrounding area. The toy has an opening which can be placed directly over the clit, for maximum stimulation. The lube forms a seal between the skin and the toy, enabling the toy to glide smoothly. This intensifies the toy’s sonic waves, which seems to speed up and strengthen the orgasm(s) which follows.

During our most recent play, Mary massaged herself to a few orgasms. Then I handed her the Sona and watched as she applied the toy to her body. There was no hesitation, no handing it back to me. She quickly placed the toy against her body and began sliding it toward a favorite spot. Soon she was squirming, and moaning,  putting on a splendid show for me. She quickly experienced yet another, stronger orgasm,  jerking her hips up off the bed, as if having a convulsion. Her face is flushed, as is her chest, I noted her accelerated breathing. What a show I was enjoying, as her passion continued to build.

I suggest that she give me some attention. I’ve become quite excited watching her perform a voyeuristic display for my enjoyment as well as her own pleasure. She quickly kneels on the bed and begins to provide some oral affection to my hardened member. While she licks, kisses, massages my erection, I reapply the Sona between her legs. “Is it in the right spot?”

Lifting her head, she replies “Anywhere feels great.”, and returns to lavishing her attention to my member. I notice she starts rocking her hips, pressing her groin against my hand that’s holding the Sona. Suddenly, Mary quickly pulls back away from my hand, as a squirt of fluid sprays from her entrance.. She doesn’t seem as concerned with the wet sheet, as she has been in the past.

Feeling the time is right, my tension builds from her oral attention. I ask, “Are you ready to climb aboard?”

She replies “I’m Ready.” Straddling me, she lowers her soaking wet love tunnel onto my hard erection. Then she slides her hips in a frenzy.

I suggest she slow down, so I don’t come too quickly. She stops her movement, and I encourage her to tighten her vaginal muscles, as much as she can. I do feel a gentle squeeze against my tool. I reach up and lightly stroke, massage,  and tap her clit, causing her to slowly rock her hips again. This continues, and she speeds up her rocking, as I massage her breasts  and gently squeeze her erect nipples. I believe she’s building up to another orgasm. I’m right, and as she rapidly increases the speed and intensity of her rocking,  she climaxes in a lengthy orgasm. I pull slightly stronger on her  nipples just as she’s coming.

Watching her activity, and feeling her release in orgasm, triggers an explosion of my own.  She continues to ride my softening erection, and manages to have yet another milder, jerking orgasm. Then she climbs off me and falls beside me in the bed. Wow,  that was intense. Laying beside her, I thank God for my wife, this passionate creation, so much a part of my life. I am truly blessed.

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