Don’t Let Him Go

They had been having a terrific argument.  Really it was a fight.  Iris almost couldn’t believe she was raising her voice so angrily to her husband, her beloved man.  But at the moment he was wrong.  Everything he said was wrong.  The issue wasn’t even that important.  It was how he framed his words that made her mad.  Now he was mad and pitching into her, raising her contrariness.  And yet, the whole time as she stood fuming by the long dresser, she found her eyes wandering over Mac’s hard, tanned chest.  He was shirtless, in the process of changing for bed, and the heat biting into his words revealed itself physically in the flexing of his neck and upper arm muscles.

Quit thinking about that, you fool.  So the man’s tall and slim with the dark hair you love running your hands through.  Right now you’re mad and not mad for him.  She tried to swat the thoughts away and pay attention to what he had just said.

“…going to bed and I don’t care whether you come or not!” Mac concluded.

She felt her chin tighten furiously.  “Well that’s fine!” Something in her head echoed that it was not fine.

“On second thought, you need space, obviously,” Mac added shortly.  He jerked some clothes out of the dresser.  “I’ll go find a motel until you cool off.  Is that okay with you?” His tone was sarcastic, the flash in his piercing green eyes maddening.

Iris took a long breath, her lips shut.  She was boiling but didn’t want to say something she’d really regret.  Besides, the idea of Mac actually leaving, even if only to get his own temper under control, suddenly filled her with a different passion.  With a quick exhale and a shrug, she moved away from him and walked over to the bed.  “If that’s what you want.”

“Oh, come on!” Mac rejoined in frustration.  “You know that’s a stupid thing to say.”

Iris sat down on the king bed, then reclined back on her elbows and looked at him, taking some slow breaths.  “I didn’t suggest the motel,” she observed coolly.

It didn’t escape her that his eyes shifted from her face to her breasts, half-exposed by the slip’s neckline and swelling and falling with each breath.  A little thrill ran through her, feeling his gaze on her body.

“Show me you want something different.”

He stood still for a second.  The muscles in his neck went taut.  Their movement ignited her desire for him.

“Unless a motel is more inviting,” she added.

Suddenly he jerked off the shirt he’d just pulled on and in a stride reached her.  “I’ll show you all right,” he muttered, holding her in a masterful grip as he pushed her down and pressed himself over her.  His jaw muscles kept flexing; evidently he was wrestling between his anger and his arousal.  But when Iris slowly, sensually licked her lips and then bit down on her teeth, he knew his arousal had won.  His mouth attacked hers in a long, wild, almost furious kiss.

Any anger on her part had about vanished.  She loved it when he took charge and took her, even getting rough.  The way he pinned her down, grasping her wrists and locking his legs around hers, melted her.

When he broke away and looked at her, he demanded, “Does that show you what I want?”

She hesitated.  She didn’t want the moment to be over yet.  “Not quite.”

Mac’s eyebrow flicked and the faintest twitch of a smile played with the corner of his lips.  He was lying over her, raised by his forearms enough to give her breathing room.  Suddenly he reached up and tore the thin strap of her slip.  She gasped.  Then he did the other one.  He jerked the fabric down deliberately off her breasts.

“You ruined my –” she began, but he cut her off by planting his mouth on hers again.  His hands squeezed and massaged her big tender globes, eliciting a moan from her.  He moved his lips to her nipples, sucking them as if he could draw nectar from them and biting them more sharply than he usually did.  She let out quick cries, aching and enjoying it.

“All right, you little siren, you…glorious seductress,” Mac grunted, raising himself and pushing down his trousers and shorts, “no more flippancy.  I’ll make you beg for me so you’ll never let me go off in a huff again!” One jerk and he had pulled off her panties, then he plunged his burning shaft into her wetness.

Iris screamed.  “Oh you’re so damn thick!”

Dropping his face against her breasts, Mac proceeded to ram his manhood as deeply as possible into his wife.  At every thrust, Iris shouted.  He’d never been this intense, this mad in his lovemaking.  The animalistic hunger contorted his face, parting his lips and gritting his teeth together.  She shook under him, feeling the sweat breaking out on her skin and mixing with his.  It almost hurt, the depth to which he was penetrating her, but she wanted more.  Her smooth legs wrapped about his buttocks and clamped him closer.

Then he pulled back, nearly all the way out.  “Do you want me to go to that motel?” he asked huskily.

“No, no! Put it back…keep going!” she implored.

He thrust once and drew back.  Her private garden convulsed and dripped, begging for his shaft.  He grinned, though in a strangely savage manner.

“You didn’t seem to care a few minutes ago if I went,” he prodded.

“I don’t want you to go! Please!” Iris felt she would go insane if he didn’t drive himself back in her and stay there.  Her fingers dove down to her clitoris, but he arrested the move.

“Oh no, you’re not getting it from anywhere else until you tell me you want me,” he growled.

“I want you! I want you!”

“Do you love me?”


“Even if I’m an idiot sometimes?”


“Say it!”

“I love you!”

He was having a hard time holding back.  Just the arch of her back and tightening of her hands flamed up the desire in his shaft.  “You still want me?”

“Mac, I want you in me so bad I’m going to die!” she yelled.

And then they were pressed together, man and woman in the rawness of naked sex.  Mac’s body slapped against hers, drawing gasps and exclamations from her each time he was joined to her again.  His tongue lapped up the moistness of her skin.  Her fingers clenched furiously into his back, leaving love marks.  Soon he changed his mode of thrusting, lying flat on her and twisting his hips, his shaft buried up to his balls inside his wife.  Iris moaned and panted; every tiny movement sent flashes of wet heat through her and she loved it.

“You’re so hot and fiery inside me! So big…so handsome! I love you…I love you!” she cried, breathless and almost fierce in his ear.

“And I love you, you…sexy…beautiful…little devil,” he grunted back.

She let out a long whimper, utterly intoxicated by his words.

Drinking in the sight of her, her platinum blond hair splayed over the pillow, her face constricted and her teeth clamped over her bottom lip in drunken pleasure, Mac felt himself losing control.  He couldn’t care less about the argument of a few minutes ago.  That was erased; nothing mattered except this.

Taking her lips violently, he kissed her as if his lust could never be satisfied.  His tongue danced with hers and probed into the flaming liquescence of her mouth.  Iris moaned.  He did the same.  The vibrations of their throats combined and added to the intense melding of their bodies.

Iris pushed Mac up and forced him to lie on his back.  Her torn slip hung like a limp sash around her waist but she didn’t have time to pull it off.  Eagerly she straddled him, grabbing his shaft and lowering her body until he was fully in her.  Exhaling in ecstasy, she began to swivel her hips.  Mac actually cried out.

“Oh God…Iris…what’re you doing to me?!”

She wanted to smile but the overload of sensations was too powerful.  Instead she rode him more wildly, not lifting herself at all but instead rotating in circles so his shaft massaged her insides.  She could feel him tense and trembling as his manhood was pulled and squeezed and lubricated by her juices.  The look on his face almost made her pass out.  Desire flamed his eyes and they stared hungrily at her and rolled back into his head by turns.

The pleasure was so strong that they both went over the cliff together.  She cried out and shook as her body clenched and then let out a flood of womanly fluid.  It dripped over him as he held himself inside her, gasping and groaning.  She collapsed onto his chest.  They breathed in unison, hearts pounding.

“Maybe I need to quarrel with you more often,” Iris murmured with a faint grin playing around her lips.

Mac couldn’t help laughing, still catching his breath.  “I was being a jerk.  I’m sorry, baby.”

“I’m sorry too.  Don’t leave, darling.”

“As if I could after that.  Don’t ever let me go, baby.”

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