Flowers can’t compete with money when it comes to sex

I spotted her on the sidewalk, a vision of loveliness, carrying a bouquet of vibrant blooms. Engrossed in conversation with her lover via phone, she failed to acknowledge my advances. Undeterred, I pressed on, propositioning her with an indecent proposal. Despite expressing initial reluctance, her resolve wavered as I waved larger denominations under her nose. Showing me her assets, she proudly displayed her breasts. She had large full rounded breasts, with large areolas! Women with large areolas have more sensitive nipples! Entranced by her allure, I agreed to double her asking price. We hurried into a seedy motel, bolting straight to the nearest vacancy. Closing the door behind us, we shed clothing hurriedly, exposing our bodies for the first time. The girl dropped to her knees, giving my boner a royal welcome, showering it with love and care. Hungry lips surrounded my hard stick, treating it to careful sucking. Juicy lips stretched wide, accepting every inch until tears streamed down her cheeks. Having warmed up sufficiently, she ascended on top of me in cowgirl position. Crimson thongs hugged her hips securely, accentuating her lean figure. Stockings adorned her legs, completing the sultry ensemble. Rocking back and forth, her moist center gripped me feverishly, threatening premature release. Switching to reverse cowgirl provided a magnificent viewpoint, highlighting her agile physique. Graceful limbs flexed fluidly, coordinating my cock’s sinuous trajectory within her. Transitioning to missionary, she maintained contact, massaging her clitoris as I penetrated deeper. Fucking her balls deep, I grabbed her big tits with both my hands. I was squeezing and kneading them, bringing her to an orgasm much faster now. “Fuck me….please fuck me from behind.” Arching her spine, she presented herself eagerly, granting unrestricted access. Swiftly, I ravished her, fulfilling their darkest fantasies until the climax consumed us whole. She went on a date with her lover with her pussy full of my cum. I hope she didn’t let him eat it out of her.






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